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Full text of "Changes in name by special acts of the Legislature of Maine, 1820-1895"

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3 1833 00669 2856 

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3os:a!} jl]aviticn Crummonti, !L iL. D* 

A history of the origin and growth 
of our system of family names 
■would be in the highest degree in- 
t«'re£tir;s Lut would ot- cf loo great 

lcEr,t:i ti) be given h^ 

But somf? 

points will n.'t be cut" of place in 
connection with a list of names 
changed by legal enactment. 

It is probable that originally 
rames were, or were intended to be, 
significant It is certain that many 
cf the names now :a use originated 
Ir: the means ado^jt?-.! to distinguish 
cne man from another bearing the 
fcame name. Tv'ithin comparatively 
a few years po many Mclvors from 
Scotland settled in iieighborhood 
that they were designated by their 
crcupation. Ore Mclvor was a ma- 
son and in a few yea:s he was called 
8nd known ny the r«Iason; and 
his children ur.od ilasrn as their 
lamily name, but also using Mclvor 
£s a middle name. 

In Bi'jle timei:, especially among 
the Israelites, there was but one 
came, and what are now family 
names were unknown; the same was 
tubstantially true c:' the Greeks, 
Egyptians and other peoples. But 

the Romans had a regular and some- 
what complicated system; usually, 
there were three names, the individ- 
ual or given name, the tribe naraa 
and the family name. Our present 
English and American system cC 
given and family names is cf com- 
paratively recent origin. At the bo- 
ginning of the twelfth century tho 
practice, of giving a person two namea 
and transmitting his second name tt> 
his children had not been fully estab- 
lished. As already stated many fam- 
ily names grew out of occupations, 
others out of localities; and circum- 
stances, almost infinite in variety, 
gave rise to names which were des- 
tined to be transmitted from genera- 
tion to generation for centuries. Iii 
this country foreign and Indiaa 
names have been Americanized, anil 
while frequently something near tho 
original pronunciation has been pre- 
served the written form would nevor 
be recognized as the original. Th'i 
use of middle names was quite rare 
in this country before ISOO. It has 
been claimed that their use was 
greatly increased after the Revolnticri 
by naming children for George Vv'ai^h- 


ington and other hemes cl that time. 

Formerly, especially in England, 
the hapiisical n^ine, or the one orig- 
inally given a child follov.-ed him or 
her through life, except as a 
voman's name was changed by mar- 
riage. Many acts done by one under 
a lalse name vv^ere void, and, there- 
rcre, the use of an assumed name 
came very near being a crime. 

It was therefore deem:-d necessary 
to have the sanction of the law if a 
man wished to change his name. 

While a full examination of the 
early statutes of our ilother Common- 
wealth has net been made, it is be- 
lieved that the earliest change of 
came fn Massachusetts by legisla- 
tive act was in 17S1. After that 
date ch:.nges were not infrequent, so 
that when Maine became a State the 
practise was in full operation and 
r.t almost every session of our legis- 
lature till 1876, more or less names 
were changed bj' it. Xo cthsr triba- 
ral cculd give that authority, ex- 
cept that the court in granting a di- 
vorce could authorize a woman to 
resume her maiden name. 

In 1S76 Probate Courts were au- 
thorized upon petition to change 
r.ames, and since then the legislature 
Las been relieved of that burden. 

One curious thing has been noticed. 
In very many cases the new name 

contains a middle letter with a period 
ai'ter it, indicating that the letter is 
the initial of a middle name. But 
the legal name is the one written iu 
the statute just as it is there, and 
the only middle name is the letter!, 
If a man has his name changed to 
John J. Smith, that is the whole of 
his name and the statute no moro 
authorizes him to call himself John 
Jones Smith than it does to call 
himself Jones John Smith. 

However, the strictness of the old. 
law in relation to names has been 
very much relaxed. Any name that a 
man uses as his name in any transac- 
tion binds him as fully as if he use! 
his real name. Even if a man changes 
his name the law imposes no penalty 
and many cases are known in which 
a person, who was called by his mid- 
dle name as originally given, has re- 
versed his two names rather than, 
"part his name In the middle." Still 
the use of an assumed name is right- 
ly held in the community to be evi- 
dence of an attempt to conceal iden- 

The reprehensible practice of us- 
ing only initials in one's auto- 
graph may have had a similar origin, 
but in spite of that it has increased 
until it has become a nuisance not 
only to historians and gtnealogistd, 
Lut also tu business men. 

Xantcsi dja.ijctj bu Sco ot tljc Htsislature, 
i^Eaiiir, 1S20 — 1695. 

t BBOTT, David 3d of Rumford. ch. to David Wesley Abbott, 1841. 
Ak ABBOTT, Mary Ann of Farmlngrton, ch. surname to Plaisted, 1857. 
ABBOTT, Evvie B. ch, to Evvle Bar ker, 18C9. 
ABBOTT, Jacob George Washington of Thomaston, ch- to George Ab 

bott. 1337. 
ADAMS. Benjamin of Bangor, ch. to Benjamin. Franklin Adams. 1831. 
ADAMS, Lorin, Bee Adlay. 
ADAMS, Stephen Brown, see Johnson. 
ADAMS, Thomas, see DeLacazedar. 

ADLAY. Lorin Adams of Clinton, 'ih. to I>orIn Adams, 1844, 
ADLE, Cornetius and Huldah Jane, see Turner. 
ALEXANDER, Octavia Froet of Monmouth, oh. Buroam© to Marslou, 

ALLEN, Abby W. see HeaW. 
ALLEN, Daniel Bardon, &©e Bar- don. 

ALLE.N, George of Augusta, ch. to George "Washington Allen, 1833. 
ALLEN, Henry A. of Deering, ch. to Frank IL Dexter, 1879. 
ALLEN, Huldah, see Page. 

ALLE.V, Peter C. of Bowdoinham, ch. to Loren C. Allen, 1871. 
ALLEN, Sellna V.," see Mason. 

ALLEN, Thomad H. of Foriland. ^h. to Thomas A. Bowen, 1858- 
AMES, Gilbert, Jacob, William and others, see Eamos. 
AMES, "Willie Austin of Orland. ch. surname to Peavey, 1871. 
ANDERSON. Abraham 3d of Windham, ch.' to Abraham Wendall An. 

derson. 1S29. 
ANDERSON, "^'eller P. and Lizzie G., see RoyaL 

ANDREWS, Bathsheba of Paris, ch. to Abby Edla Andrews, 1853. ^. 
ANDREWS, David, see Edwards. 

ANDREWS, Daniel W. of Saco. ch. to Esdras Andrews, 1850. 
ANDRE"V\'S, Daniel W. E. of Saco, ch. to James Madison Andrews, 1838. 
ANDRE"^rS, Ebenezer of Lubec. ch. to John Andrews. 1831. 
ANDREWS, Herbert J., adopted son of Joseph Dunham, ch. surname to 

Dunham, 1S55. 
ANDREWS, James of Saco. ch. to Daniel Webster Andrews, 1S36. 
ANDRE"7V'S, Jau:€3 M. of Buxton, ch. to Esdras Andrevrs, 1834, 


ULNDRETi^S, Jarrss M. of Saco, ch. to Jimnah Osee T. P. Andrew;, 1S48. 

ANDREWS, Jimnah O. T. P. cf Saco, ch. to Talmon H. Andrev,-s. 1S43. 

ANDREWS, Samson, see Cole. 

ANDREWS, Warren, see Heath. 

.ANGEL, Eiastus G., Lucy, Azro C. and Burnell P. of Waldohorough, 

ch. surname to Hibbard. 1S55. 
ANNIS, James Arven of Hermon, ch. to Arven Annis. 1S31. 
AKGUIER, Francio of Portland, mariner, ch. to Francis A. Newton, 1S21. 
ASPINWALL, George Riley of Angus- ta, ch. to George Riley, 1S31. 
.ATKINS, Frances and others, see Joachins. 
iATI'IINS, Nathaniel, see Eumpus. 
lATWELL, Milton and others, see Twitchell. 
AUSTIN, Delia ?Iay of Augusta, ch. surname to Stratton, 1S70. 
AUSTIN, Edwin W., see Treworgy. 

AUSTIN, Job Vv'lnslow, of Pownal, ch. to Vv^inslow Austin. 1S30. 
AUSTIN, John 2d of Belgrade, ch. to Alanson Austin. 1828. 
AVERILL, Edmund of Temple, ch. to Edmund Richards, 1S38. 
AVERILL, Edwin Wallis cf Jefferson, ch. to Edwin Wallis Boynton, 1S57. 
AVERY, Edwin V/allice, adopted son of Richard Boynton, of Jefferson, 

ch, surname to Boynton, 1S59. 
AVERY, Edwin W. of Mercer, ch. surname to Pressy, 1857. , 
AYER, John A., see Hopkins. 
AYER, Nettie Maria of Atkinson, ch. surname to Farnham. IS 62. i; 

P AECOCK, Lucy Ann of Clinton, ch. surname to Powell. 18G1. 

BABYLON, Cyprus, see Ingalls. 
BACHELDER, Mark William of Bradford, ch. to Andrevv' Jacksoa 

Maxfield, 1873. 
BACON, Mary Gilmer, see Cobb. 
BADGER, Melville Adelbert of Crystal Plantation, ch. to Ira Adalbert 

Barker, 1872. 
BAILEY, Charles and others, see Morang. 
BAILEY, James, adopted son of James Jenkins of Skowhegan, ch. 

to James Jenkins. 1S52. 
BAKEMAN, Ruel, see Cunningham. 
BAKER, Franklin, see Turner. 
BALFOUR, Knaland, see Hilton. 
BALLOU, John and family, see Blue. 
BANGS, Eliza J. of Jay, ch, surname to Gilman, 1S57, 


BANKS. Elsie and Eva Cora, see Page 

BARBOUR, Ames Hern ol Jloason, ch. to Amary Hunting Tyler, 1S28. 

iUARDON, Daniel Syivesler ol Jbiiueiiill, ch. to Daniel Bardon Allen, 

BARKER, Evvie B., see Abbott 

BARKER, Ira Adalbert, see Badger. 

BARKER, Jacob 2d of Lewiston. ch. to Jacob Leonard Barker, 1831. 

BARKER, Nellie A., see Brown. 

BARNARD, Alonzo of Brunswick, ch. to George Barnard Upham, 1849. 

BARNES, Samuel of Greenwood, ch. to Samuel Perry Bryant, 1837. 

BARRETT, Isabella A., see Ray. 

BARRETT, Oliver, Jr., of Augusta, ch. to Alvin Loring Barrett, 1832. , 

BARTLETT. Eliza A., of Augusta, ch. surname to Fowler. 1866. 

BARTLETT, Moses B.. of Waterford, ch. to Allison B. Bartlett, 1855. 

BARTLETT, Thomas Spencer of Bethel, ch, to Spencer Thomas 
Bartfett, 1S5S. 

BASFORD, Charles H., of Portland, ch. to Charles H. Jones, 1846. 

BATES, George Washington, see Benjamin. 

BATES, IIa::nah and children, see Videto. 

BATES, Heniy, 2d, of Eastport, ch. to Winslow Bates, 1S31. 

BATES, Joseph, of Green, ch. sur name to Tyler. 1834. 

BATES, Nicholas, of Augusta, ch. to Charles Isicholas Bates, 1834, 

BAXTER, Ehen E., see Coburn. 

BEARCE, -Martha, see Leavitt. 

BEARCE, Nathan Dsxter, o'f Hebron, ch. to Josiah Dexter Bearce, 1843. 

BEaL, Mary E., of Kamliuen, ch. surname to Swett. i85G. 

BEALE, Oliver, Jr., of Augusta, ch. to Oliver Salem Beale. 1332. 

EEALE, Siilem, of Readaeld, ch. to Oliver- Beale. 1829. 

BEAN, Dudley Doe and wife Eliza Ann, of Camden, ch. to Daniel Dud 

ley Beutly and Eliza Ann Bentl>, 1S44, 
BEAN. Taylor, of Jay, ch. to Oliver Taylor Bean, 1835. 
BECK. Fox, of Augusta, ch. to Thomas Fox Beck. 1834. 
BEDLE, Jeremiah, wife Abby and children Abby H. and Addington D., 

of Westbrook, ch. surname to Bedell, 1846. 
BEDELL, Jeremiah and family, see Bedle. 

BEEDLE, James Franklin, of Richmond, ch. to J. Frank Beedle. 1852. 
EESDLE, Wesley, of Richmond, ch. to Charles Wesley Beedle, 1S33. 
EEEMAN, Charles Hiram, see Judge. 
BE.MIS, Mary V., see Besse. 

BENJAMIN, Ephriam Woods, of An .hens. ch. to George Washington 
Bates, ISIL 


.Zhil . 

■.i'W it 

» V 

CHANGES in NA1MS3. • ' 6 

PEXXEH, James, 2d. of V/aldobor ougli, ch. to James J. Bc^nner. 1S53. 
EEXNER, Susie E., cli. surname to KarkaociS, 1371. 
BENNETT, George M., see Locke. 
BENSON, Arthur B., see Wooacock. 
BENSON, FraLiklln, see Patch. 
BENSON, Mercy Burgess, see Grif Sth. 
BENSON, Sarah Frances, see T-»/iL cIielL 
BENT, Martha J., see Washburn 
BENTLEY, Daniel Dudley and "vrifo, see Bean. 
BER, Linn, of Caraden, ch. to Orrin S. Liou, 1S46. 
BERRY. Jeremiah, of Thouiasion. ch. to Jereir.iali Brov.'n. 1845 
BERRY. Mary Jane, adapted child of Jolin Kunnev/all, of Scarhorousi. 

ch. surname to Hunuewell, 1S52. 
I'ES&E, Mary V., of Paris, ch. sur name to Bemis. 1852. 
I'.ESSEY. Warren V/:i:!:£iielJ, of Paris, ch. to Vvarren Howard Vinton, 1S4G. 
BEVERLY, Smith C, see Pung. 

BICKFORD, Dodarah, of Eiowalleld, ch. to Ira Bickford. 1S30. 
lilCKFGRD, Joan C, ch. surname to Garland. ISGi). 
BIRSKIRK, Abraham, of Biowuvilie, ck. to John Oilman. 1823. , 
BISI-iOP, Ann. see Vv'bilEPy. 
EITHER, Eva Maria, see Doyle. 

BLACK, Sainbrige, of Edgecoiab, ch. Thomas Bainbridge Chesley, 1S33, 
BLACK, Edward J., see Brosvu. 

BLACK, John A., of China, ch. surname to Snell, 13C7. 
BLACK, PituLias N., ut Liixiiiigiju, ca. bui uame to Gliick. 1366. 
BLAISDELL, Alice, of Augusia, ch. surname to Gray, 1S72. 
BLAKE, Andrew, Ev^/ett aad Irene Jane, fcr;e Briuiijlue. 
BLAlvE, Emenne Lyiord, oi Atkiuaon, cli. surname to Cook, 1873. 
BLAKE, George C, of iCoad.'ield, ch. to George Blake Page, 1S33. 
BLAKE, Job Ndiion, of Brookville, ch. to 2<elson Biake. itox. 
BLACKEWELL, Thomas B. and family, sec Gibbo. 
ELANCHAFvD, Elmiia Ann, ch. sur name to Ciiamberlaia, 1S63. 
BLANCHARD, Kaniet P., ch. to Hat tie P. Dore, ISGJ. 
BLANCKARD, John M., of Brighton, wife and children, ch. sar-a2:e to 

Carlton, lSo2. 
BLOOD, Eiias Boyingtcc, of Orrington, ck. to Ellas Boyington. 153S. 
BLUE, John and Betsey, his wiiie, son John K. and daughter Agnes P., 

all of Bloomfieid and Monmouth, ch. surname to Bailou.. IS-iO. 
BLUE, Mary Jane, see Storer. 
BLYTHER .Helen M., sc3 Merrill. 


BONN'EY, S-ophrcna M., see Cushman. 

BOOBIER, Cyrus H.. adopted son of Brackett Marston, of Poland, ch, 

surname to Marston, 1S5U. 
EOOTHBY, Marretta A., see Wadleigh. 
BOSORO, Peter, of 3iinoc, ch. to Peter Ross, 1S34. 
BOULTER, Wiliiam, of Standish, ch. to Wiiliam Dana Boulter, 1S2S. 
BOURN, Benjamin Burgebs aud family, see Bursess. 
BOUTELLE, Delamia Jane, of Portland, ck. surname to Packard, 1S43, 
BOWDITCH, MarUia Butler, of Hallo well, ch. surname to Davis, 1S41. 
BOWEN, Mary A., of Stockton, cli. surname to Sanson. 1SG8. 
BOWEN, Thomas A., see Allen. 

BOWERS, ELen F., of Pacten, ch. to Inez Evelyn Bowers, 1S58. 
BOWLER, Elder Charles, see Knowlton. 
BOWLES, Wiiiiam Palmer, see Paul. 

BOYD, John Parker, Jr., of Portland, ch. to Parker Dwight Boyd, 1849. 
BOYD, Temperance, oi' Dexier, ch. surname to Wiusiow. 1S57. 
BOYD, Wiiliam, see McFadd^n. 
BOYiNGTON, Elias, see Eiood. 

BOYINGTON, Moody, of Jeuerson, ch. surname to Burbank, 1840. 
BOYNTON, Edwin. Wailis, see Avery. 

BOYNTGN, Joseph, of Richmond, ch. to Nathan Joseph Boynton, 1841. 
BOYNTON, NaLoaniel, Jr., of Bangor, ch. to Gorham Lincoln Bojnton, 

BOYNTON, Mahala C, see Holt. 
BOYNTON, Waterman T., Rebecca, his wife, Andrew Jackson and Re 

becca, ihcir children, all of Merctr, ch. surname to Kimball, omiuing 

the T. in father's name. 1^46. 
BRaCKETT, Zacnaiiah, of West brook, ch. to Zachariah Bangs 

Brackett, 1824. 
BRADBUivY', Andrews, of Standish, ch. to Andrews Mitchell Bradbury, 

BRADBURY', Mary Ann, of Portland, ch. surname to Crockett, 1846. 
BRADEEN, Horace V/euber, see Bunker. 
BRADFORD, Andrew Rin^ Johnson, of Eastport, ch. to Andrew Ring 

Bradford. 1837. 
BODWflLL, Andrew C, see Carr. 
BODWELL, Sarah A. N., S3e Nason. 
BRADFORD, John Stevens, see Stevens. 
BRADFORD, Joseph, see Sampson 
BRADLEE, Ezra Siilth, see Saikh, 


BRADLEY, Va:l::i II., of Newcastle, ch. surname to Fulmer, 1873. 

r,r.AGDON, Abuy ZvL, see White. 

BRAGG, Harriet, of China, cii. suraame to Clark, 1S39. 

J(r-:AGG, Ingalls, see Steveus. 

liRAGG, Laura F., of yassalborough, cli. surname to Brown, 1858. 

ririACG, Wiliiam Giles, of Cliina, ch. lurnaiiie to Kingsbury, ISil. 

r.RAINERD, Mary Ann, of Industry, ch. to Mary Ann Brainerd Gower, 1S12. 

ERANSCOMB, Benjamin, of Freedom, th. surname to Chase, 1S35. 

ERAWN, Annie Lois, adopted dau. of Aurin L. and Lois O. Garrot, of Car- 

mel, ch. surname to Garrot. 1SS7. 
ERAWN, Elizabeth A., of Bradley, ch. surname to Lenfest, 1864. ^ 
ERAWN, Joseph, of Augusta, ch. to George T. Brown, 1S56. 
ERAVv'N, Joseph, of Augusta, ch. to Joseph Brown, 1S56. 
ERAY. A]^iv.z. H., see Campoeli. 
ERETT, Martha Elizabeth, sea Tib betts. 

EREVv STER, Ezra, of Bangor, ch. to ^ra Starkweather Brewster, 1826. 
BRICK, Clara Augusta, see Yv'adleigh. 

EFJCK, Ephriam Sumner, of Augusta, ch. to Sumner Snow Brick, 1834. 
ERIDGHAM, Elizabeth Frances, see Jcnos. 
ERIDGHAM, Persis Almedia, see Smith. 

ERIERHURST. Joseph, of Eowdoin, ch. Surname to Briery, 1829. 
ERiERY, Thomas, see BrierhursL 
LiwLMIGEON, Caroline, Mary Ann and Joseph, of Lisbon, ch. surname to 

Hilton, 1S57. 
ERLMIJINE, Irene Jane, of Bath. ch. surname to Blake, 1S54. 
BRIMIJINE, John Andrew, of Eath, ch. to Andrew Everett Blake, 1S54. 
BRIERHURST, Thomas, of Gardiner, ch. surname to Briery, 1S3S. 
BRIERY, Joseph, see Brierhurst. 

ERiSCALL, Elvira K., of Fraukfort, ch. surname to Rich, 1S59. 
ERITT, Fred M., see Strout. 
ERITT, Martha, child of Rebecca M., ch. to Martha Love Britt, and adopted 

by John B. and Charlotte C. Britt. of Waterviile, 1871. 
EROCKMIN, Henry, Jr., ch. to Henry D. Brookman, 1S37. 
EROCKMIN, Henry, and his minor children, ch. surname to Brockman, 


EFvOOKINGS, Elkanah, J. S., of Woolwich, ch. to John Brookings, 1842. 

BROOKINGS, Emily A., adopted dau. of Samuel Reed, of Woolwich, ch. sur- 
name to Reed. 1853. 

EROOKMAN, Henry D., see Brock min. 

BROCKS, Jacob. Jr., of Plymouth, ch. to Jacob Franklin Erccks. 1847. 

ERCWN. Arathusa J., adopted dau. of Noah Barker, of Corinth, ch. to N.llle 
A. Barker, 1863. 


ER0V:N, Auld McCobh, of Boothbay, ch. to Daniel Rose Brown. 1S27. 
EFIOVVN, Benjamin Franklin, of Bangor, ch. to Franklin Benjaoain Brown, 

EROVvN, Charles Moulson, of Fresiont, ch. to Carnes Coffin Moulson- 
. brov.-n, 18GS. 

BROV.'N, Charges Augustus, see Jack. 
BROWN, Cumminss A. and Julia M., of Bradford, ch. surname to Fauset, 

BROWN, Elizabeth A., of Bradley, ch, surname to Lenfest, 1SG4. 

BROWN, Ella Amelia, see Ehute. 

BROWN, Emery, of Brunswick, ch. to Roger Williams Emery Brown, 

EROVv'N, EtLa Frances, see Felkcr. 

BROWN, George F. and Joseph, see Brawn. 

BROWN, Jeremiah, see Berry. 

BROWN, John J., of Trenton, ch. to Edward J. Black, 1SC3. 

BROWN, John, of Mount Desert, ch. to John Whipple Brown, 1S50. 

BROWN, John S., of Eliict, ch- to Thomas Fremont, 1863. 

BROWN, Laura F., see Brass- 

BROWN. Lizzie V., see Clark. • • ' • 

BROWN, Maiunda H., see Ttiomas. 

BROWN, :Medora C, see Crockett. 

BROWN, Melissa J., of Augusia, ch. surname to Clark, 1S73. ■{ 

BROV.'N, Waiter, of Aibiou, en. suraame to Morrison, lJ5d4. 

BROWii, William T., of Goiham, ch. to Ezia Thombs, 1830. 

BROWNE, John Coitou, of Fcrtiauu, th. to Hoiace Elliot Browne, 1849. 

BRUCE, Charles Fibber, bou of Charles, of Vv'aldoborough, ch. sur- 
name to Hale, 1821. 

BRYANT, Gamaliel Smith, of Orneville, ch. to George Emery Smith Bry- 
ant, ISiS. 

BRYANT, Mary C. of Biddeford, ch. to Mary Caroline Locke, 1840. 

BRYA.NT, Samuel Perry, see Barues. 

BRYANT, Starr D. and others, sea O'Erirn. 

BUBIER, Alpha, of Dead River settlement, ch. surname to Withey. 1SG7. 

BUEIER, Benjamin, Jr., and lianna.ii J., of Dallas plantation, ch. saruame 
to Thomas, 1SC7. 

BUEIER, Marcia, J.. Edward P., Jesse E. and Josephine M., all a' Dallas 
plantation, ch. euruauie to Thomas, 1SG7. 

3:UB1ER. Orrla of Lisbon, ch. surtiamc to Rose, 1S38. 

BUFIER, F.uftis Edwin, ch. surname to Eonnell, 1S78. 

./. -!'■•• 

I t. 

■'. I ' 

.4. .1 

['•i'iU..--. , J .. 

f{\ J I '■. 6i^' 




I EUEIER. Sewall M., Mehitable, Marshall T., Florida D. and Luther N„ all 

S of Dallas plantation, ch. surnama to I'iagg, 18G7. 

f PUCK, Kenry, of Portland, ch. surname tx) Gates, 1S29. 

I BUCK, Sophia, of Woolwich, ch. to Lucinda Lilly, 1854. 

I rrCKLAND, Samiel Parkpr, of Pair's, rh. to Samuel Welock, ISCC. 

f BUDGE, John Nickels, of Corinth, ch. to John Budge Nickels, wife Martha 

I lake surname Nickels. ls4G. 

{ JiUKER, James Sullivan, of Foscroft, ch. to James Sullivan. 1832. 

I JlUKKR. Solomon Eaton, of Guilford, '•h. to John Eaten. 1SS3. 

i 53ULLOCK. Amelia and Adslla, of Deer Isle, cb. surname to "Webb, 187S. 

I 15UMP, Augustua V,\ of New Vineyard, ca. to Augutftus Washington 

f Morrill, 1SS!5. 

I BUMPS, Mary, of Belfast, ch. surasme to Cllmore. 185^. 

\ *>:UMPUS. NaJbanlel Atkins, of Manchester, ch. to Nathaniel Atkins, 1856. 

I KUN'KER, Horace, of Mattawamkeag. ch. to Horace Webber Bradeen, 1S55. 

I BURBANK, Harriet R., of Westbrock, ch. surname to Francis, 1832. 

I L'URBANK. Moody, see Eoyington. 

I BURGESS, Benjamin, of Wayne, ch. to Benjaniin Burgess- Bourn, wife and 

f children ch. surname to Bourn, 1S37. 

I BURGESS. Mary Ann, see Woodcock, 

BURGESS, Sai-ah E., of Augusta, andher children, Horace B. and Lewis E., 
ch. surname to Clark, 18-50. 

CURGESo, Sylvia M., of Waterville, ch. surname to Parker, 18C0. 

BURKE. George S. and Charles P., of Gardiner, ch. surname to Reed, 1872. 

BURNS. Gccrse J., of Rockland, ch. to Gcrham J. Burns, 185G. 

BURNS, George J., of Rockland, ch. to G. James Burns, 1857. 

BURRILL, F?aQie O., see Patterson. 

BURRILL, Mary E., of Belfast, ch. to Mary Elizabeth Ellis, 1873. 

fDURRILL, Nathaniel Albert, see Nye. 

BURTON, L-emout, adopted son of Thomas Downing, of Ripley, ch. sur- 
name to Downing, 1S53. 

EUSKIEK, Mary Ann. of Portland, ch. surname to Coffin. 

BUSWELL, Eleanor B., see Paine. 

EUTLAND, Ivcry, of Wells, ch. surname to Gcodv.dn, 1SC5. 

IJUTLER, Francis Wilson, see Swan. 

I<UTLER, Hannah, cf Hallo.vell, ch. surname to Hcvey, 1S47. 

•BUTLER, Mariah, of Halle v:cl!. ch. surname to Johnson, 1S4G. 

■BUZZELL, Ashei- Hinds, oT Monroe, ch. to Albert Stiles Buzzcll, 1S15. 

BL'ZZELL, Joseph, of CanauU, cb. to Joseph Crosby BuzzcU, ISl'J. 


Q A.LYAY, Gecrge B., see McAlvy. 

CALOK, Addie Jane, Charles Herbert, Walter Edvvin, Adeline E. End 
Sarah Jones, all of Kittery, ch. surname to Eastman, 1872. 

€AMP3F.1/L, Albina H., of Cover, ch. surname to Bray, 18GS. 

CAMPBELL. Fdtriclc A., of Frankfort, ch. to Alexander P. Campbell, 1S65. ' 

CA/iPEELL, Vincfcjnt, of Calais, ch. to Vincent Campbell Livingstone, ISoT. 

CA^iPBELL, V.'iiliam O. G., of Hallowell, cb. to William O. Grant, 1S70. 

C'APERXAL'M, Jamos and Elizabetn. o: Falmouth, and their childrci., ch. 
surname to Sniellage, 1823. 

^"ARGIL, JurvLs, of V/iscasset, ch. to Thomas Melville Jarvis Cargill, 1834. 

i'ARLL, Georse, Jr., of Buxton, ch. to George Bonney Carll, 1S35. 

<J.ARLETON, Sarah B. und Alice F., both of Fhlpsburc, ch. surname to 
Wrisrot, 1S63. 

CARLTON. G.-orge and family, see Blanchard. 

<'An?\EY, Jasper, of Greenoush, ch. to Sergeant Jasper Scott, 1S44. 

<:ARPENTEfl. Mary Jane, of Coriiville, ch. surname to Nev.-br^gin. 1S40. 

CARPENTER, Samu^rl Jordan Hill, of Lvcnntbuuk, ch. to Samuel Jordan, 

<'ARP., Anflrcw, cf Acton, ch. to Andrev.' C Eodwell, 1355. 

<'AKR. Msry Alaipna, see Gilman. 

CARR. William P.. cf Bangor, ch. to James Elliot Carr, ISIS. 

CAPJiOLL. llcry, of Porllaud, ch. r.oMury Carroll Mitchell. 1S13. 

CARROL. PHirick, ch. to Lesley Carrol. ISOO. 

CARTER, Ch?r[vs A., see Sha?/. 

«'AP/rER, L'.uu'jl 1?.., of Biuehill, ch. suraamo to Hamilton, ISGl. 

<ARTLAN'n. Lydla Ann, see Hardy, 

CARY. Peter Whiiney. see Watertous^s 

< ASIIMAX, Samuel, of AJiia, ch. to Samuol Davi.s. 1340. 

CASTELLOW, Willium White, of Richmond, ch. to Llovrellyii White 
Ci'st.elljv,-, IS 15. 

CASTXER, Algernon E.. of Warren, rh. to i^eslie Latinas. 1?'.9. 
CATON. Jr.m?i. c! ^r.-anviile, ch. to James Washingica Vy^hito, 1847. 

CA'JSINS, Jocer-.h, of Ellsworth, ch. to Andrcv/ P. Ccn^ias, 18^3. 

<TL\EIN, Abo!, of Bangor, ch. to AOelW. Chr.bJn. JSGo. 

CKADEOURNE, Emily F., cf Hiram, ch. to Em.ily Hatch, 18^4. 

CHAMBERLAIN, Ebeuezer, of Brew cr, ch. to Ebcnezsr Mattoon Chamber- 
lain. 1830. 

CHAMBERLAIN, E^-mlra Ann, see Blanchard. 

CHAMEERIAIN. H-nry. see Pip'^r. 

CHANDLER, Carter, cf Lcrcll, ch. to John Carter Ch^nflcr, 1S23. ' 

,ll^t;: V '. '.' .- ,-' u.' 

\' > 

i: .A'' '■ 'v 

;JC' . /.•» 

•l I ^ r. ' r 


CHAXDI.ER, Jason, of ?;eT7 Sliaron. cb. to Jason Sewall Chandler, 18i5. 

CHAPLE3. NathcniLl, of Rocliland, ch. to George W. Watts, 1852. 
CHAPLIN, Osborn, see Ridlcn. 

CITArLIX, Lydla. of Vv''atsrfor:1, ch. to Lydia Jane Chaplin, 1S37. 
rHAPMAN. Eenjairii: Flint, of ThomAston, ch. to Benjamin Flint, 1835. 

CHASG, Benjamin. ?ee Bransccmb. CHASE. Lpura Ann. see Cole. 

CHASE, Olive, of Foxcroft, ch. tu Olive Fitzgerald, 1854. 

CHASE. Victoria, see Fenlason. 

CHESLEY, Thomas Bambriflge, see Blaciu 

CHICK, Prentiss N., see Black. 

CKICKERINCr, John Newton, see Wilder. 

CHILD, Mary L., see Davis 

CLAPP, Andrew Leonard Emerson, see Emerson. 

CLAPP, Siias WiiLur, minor son of Aaron Clapp, of Lincoln, ch. to Wil- 
bur Frecmcnt Lcvcjov, 1S57. 

CLARK, Belinda D., of Gorham, ch. to Biana D. McLellan, 1857. 

i.'LARK, Church, cf Clilna. cli. to Aloioud Church Clarlv, ISGo. 

CLARK, Emma A., cf New Vineyard, ch. suinanio to Fuller, 18G8. 

CLARK, Er.:ina Julia, see Kncv/iet;. 

CLARK, Francis A., see Shaw. 

CLARK, Gcorse, of Aii-^uH^. ch. to George vrashlngton Snow, 1S34. 

CLARiv, Hiirrifct, eee Biass. 

CLARK. Lizzie V., of A'^^-^Az, ch. surname to Erov^'n, ISTL 

CLARK, M:iry. of V^uiihiui^. ^ajyua duu. cf iieujaiuin P. Hight. ci. to 
Maiy Clark. Iliibt. Iclo. 

CLARi-I, Si€iisia J., sea Brown. 

CLAJIK, FamcJv, of Culiia:ljia. ch. to Ch::rles P. Clark, 1847. 

Cl^ARK, Samuel, cf Pcii-ti;uiu, cb. tu iruiv.uel Barniird Cia;l:, 183L 

CLARK, Sarah E. and cliilJitn, see iiuigcts. 

CLaRK, Saiaa Lii'/aucth. ui PoiiLiaJ. ta. iurrxcme to Sa\rycr, 1S43. 

CLARK, Til:i:toa B., cf Bruwaiiiiu, cii. to Lulhcr V.'iiaani Claii:, 1357. 

CLAY, Orringdcu, of Gardiner, cli. lu uCi^^z 0;.:.:^.5C2a Ciay, lbJ2. 

CLAYTON. EGnjaniiQ F., see C:-jUd. 

CLEMINTINE, Pcicival, sl<,' n_:l. 

CLERiv, Daniel, see CrLuI-.-TL 

CLEVELAND, Aima, adopivd ct'M of Joseph Marston, of Lexington, ch. to 
Alij:a Ann Marstua, l^^i. 

CLEVELAND, Job Springer, ch. to Whitman Springer Cleveland, ISGO. 

C!.EVELAND, Job S., of Embdcn, ch. tu Jcte Cleveland, 1S61, 

CLIFFORD, Clarem^ud Cushmau, see Tliajcr. 

CLTTTOr.D, Thomas Sylvaaus, cee McCsntv. -^ 
CLiMuN, William and others. Bee Greenlav*. 

CLOPSO.\, Paeba EiJzabetii. of BiuehlU. ch. to Elisabeth Closson Gray, 

OLOUGH. Benjaailn. of Bluehill, ch. to George WAshingtcn Grlndle, 1S35. 
CLOUTMA2;, John Greenlear, Jane. Elizabeth and Charlea, all of Portland, 

ch. eurname to Greenleaf, 1839. 
COBB. Charles,, of I>arham, ch. to Charles Corydon Cobb, 1839. 
COBB, Ellen RIana, see Starbird. 

COBB, Gershora. of South Standlsh. ch. to C-ershcm Franklin Cobb. 1853. 
COBB. Mary, of North Yarmouth, ch. to Mary Gilmer Bacon, 1S41. 
COBB, Weston Da.^a, of Paris, ch. to James V/c3ton Dana, 1847. 
COBURN, Ellea '£., ch. eurname to Baxter, 1S71. 
COCHRAN, Harriet E.. or Portland, ch. surname to Tucker, 1312. 
CODMAN, Lucy Ellen ,see Decker. 
COFFIN, Caroline E^irbara Annie, of Yascalborough. ch. to Caroline Annie 

CofBn, 1S64. 

COFFIN, Converse, of Freeport. ch. to CcnTerse Cross, 1837. 

COFFIN, Eben.2or Stone, ch. to Ebon Stone Ccffin. 183S. 

COFFIN, Edwaid, of Fieeport, ch. to Edward Payson, 1838. 

COFFIN, John, of Harrington, ch. to ;iotn Billings Coffin, 1852. 

COFFIN, Mary Ann, see Van Buaklrk. 

COFFIN, Mary Susan, adopted dau. of Moses Thomas, of Cuml>erland. ch. 

fiurname to Thomas, 185S. 
COFFIN, Huth, see Scribncr. 

COFFIN, Surah Mary Waahlnj^ton. ch. to Sarah Stevens CofSn, 1838. 
COFFIN, William iiorse, wife Elizabeth C, and children, Mary Ellen and 

William Clarence, of Freeport, ch surname to Morse. 
COLBY, Hazen. of Sanford. ch. to Doctor lone Vernon, wife Maria to 

Maria K. Vernon, dau. Harriet to Harriet Fiances Vernon. 1852. 
COLBY, Jonathan Small, of Fvichmond, ch. to John Marshall Colby, 


COLE, Almira Fiiher, of Frankport. eh. to Almira Billings Sabin. 1S3S. 
COLE. Ira. of Porter; ch. to George Cole. 1860. 

COLE, Laura Ann, adopted child cf Alfred Chase, ch. surname to Chase, 

COLE, Mary Jane, see Hall. 

COLE. SamBon, of Paris, ch. surname to Andrews, 1823, 

COLE, Samuel W.. 2d, of Cornish, ch. to Franklin Ccle. 152S. 

COLE, Zarina L., sec Dow. 

.QZ^it .JC.'j .r-liv-o'.i ...'-.. J 

K-V. \k 


... .nv^ 


COLLEY, Mary M., of North Yarmouth, a minor, ch. to Maria M. Lor- 
iag, 1856. 

COLLINS, Hebecca, see Davis. 

COLLINS, Waterborough Fisher, see Fisher. 

COLFITS. Isabell W. and Mabell, of Patten, ch. surname to Haynes, 1870. 

COLTON. Benjamin Morrill, of Or land, ch. to Benjamin Morrill, 1855, 

COLUMBUS, George Atkins, see Lamb. 

COMBRY, Ida May, see Hatch. 

CONNER, Frances Helen, of Prospect, ch. to Helen Frances French, 

I CONNER, Mary Frances, of Castine, ch. surname to French, 1849. 
I CONV'ERS, Constant, see Coos. 
J COOK, Emeime Lyford, see Blake. 

I COOK, Stephen, of Ripley, ch. surname to Fish, 1838. 
I COOKSON, Jennie, of Bentoii, ch. surname to Roundly, 3 870. 
f COOKSON, Simon R., of Windsor, ch. surname to Eliis, 1856, 

I COOLBROTH, Asa, of Portland, ch. surname to Parks, 1837. 

I COOLIDGE, Sampson A., of Readoeld, ch. to George A. Coolidge, 1833. 

I COOMBS, xVbigail E., of Bowdoinham, ch. to Abigail Eaton, 1854. 

i CCOMES, Abner, of Augusta, ch. to Albion Coombs, 1843. 

I COOMBS, George, of Bradford, ch. to George Washington Coombs, 1838. 

COOMBS, James S., of Cape E.izabcth, ch. to James H. Thayer, 1870. 

COOMBS, Lizslo M., ch. surname to Hunter, 1880. 

COOMBS, William, of Bangor, ch. to William Lincoln Coombs, 1861. 

<"OOPER, Freeiman, see Greenleaf. 

COOS, Convers, of Freeport, ch. to Constant Convers, ISCS. 

CORBET, Betsey, ch. surname to Wood, 1S69. 

CORDIS, Samuel, see Lee. 

CORLISS, William, of Freeport, ch. surname to vrir.ter, 1833. 

CORSON, Calvin T., of Palmyra, ch. surname to Tov/le, 1853. 

CX)RSON, Zuriol, of Porter, ch. surname to Towle. 1869. 

CCTTEL, Samuel, Jr., of Alexander, ch. to Samuel Hatch Cottel, 1848 

COUSINS. James, of Kennebunk. ch. to James G. Cousins. 1S57. 

COVELL. Charles Edgar Cook, of Jay. ch. to Edgar Cook Covell, 1862. 

CO\^LL, John Francis Pennell, of Jay, ch. to John Pennell Covell, 1862. 

COX, Adrlel, of Thomaston, ch. to Adriel Cox Fak-s, 1841. 
COX, Benjamin, of Hebron, ch. surname to Watson. 1834. 

COX, James and Susan Ellen, ch. surname to Weston. IS CD. 
CRAFTS, Eenj.'.xin F., of West Aubu:-n, ch. surname to Clayton, 1856. 

!-'j .;'• 

CEA1;GES in NAMES. 15 

CRAIG, Efizabcth Jane, of Auburn, ch. surname to Merrill, 1868. 

CRANE, Aaron Bunker, of Cranberry Isles, cb. surname to Gculd, 1823. 

CRANE, Abijah, ch. surname to Miiixan, 1870. 

CRANE, Isaac, 2d, of Whiting, ch. to Vv'infield I. Crane. 1855. 

CRAVEN, George, of Orrinston, ch. to V7ig,7in Merrill, 1842. 

CREIGHTON, Julia Ann, adopted dau. of Abcer Rice, of Thomaston, ch. to 
Julia Creighton Rice, 1853. 

CaiTCPIETT, Peter Kui^jht. of Bath, ch. to Peter ICnight, 1833. 

CROCKER. Elbridge, see Phillips. 

CROCKETT, Daniel of Gorham, his wife and children, John "Wesley, 
James Lewis, Daniel Jr., Levi Knight, Mary Susan and Melville Cos, ch. sur- 
name to Clsrk, 1SS8. 

CROCKETT, Mary Ann, see Bradbury. 

CROCKETT, Medora, of Rockland, ch. to Medora C. Brown, 1S54. 

CROCKETT, Millie R., soe Wardwell. 

CROMMETT, James Ledyard, of Bath, ch. to James Ledyard, 1SC6. 

CROSS, Converse, see Cofln. 

CROSS, lewis, of Bluehill, ch. surname to Parker, ISIS. 

CROSS, Melissa aud Sarah Ellen, ol Greenwood, ch, surname to Stevens, 

CROSS, Willie Dean, cf Morrill, ch. surname to ^haw, 1872. 

CROWEU., James William, see Shea. 

CROWES, James, of Portland, ch. to Charles Maverick, 1S63. 

CROV.'LEY, Ellen M., see TurnbuII. 

CUMMINGS, Jessa Avander, see Kouse. 

CUMMINGS, Mary, see Starr. 

CUM:iingS. Sarah R.. see Thorn. 

CUNXINGHAM, Fanny Everett, alias Fanny E. Feltman, of Liberty, ch. to 
Eva Everett Nelson, 1S73. 

CUNNINGHAM. Ruel. cf Brook.v/ille, ch. surname to Bakeman, 1S60. 

^ITRRIER. Ida Ellen, see Pdrker. ^ 

CURTl.'^, Benjamin. Jr., of Frankfort, ch. to Gilbert L. Curtis, 1S33. 

CCFTIS, Fra.ncica A., see Dean. 

CUSTIMAN. David, of Warren, ch. to David Quimby Cushman, 1S64. 

<"U5nMAN, Newell Ii., see Mink. 

CUSflMAN, Scpbrona M., of flebron, ch. surname to Bonney, ISC^. 

CUTTER, Abba K. and children, see Laflin. 

it:i ..' 



\cr7i:TT, Frederic E., see Tucker. 
;")AKIN, Eowen Turner, Koe Turner. 

J1AKIN- Sherebiab, of Orcno. ch. to Samuel Sherc jlali Dakin, 1842. 

IWN'A, Jaiccs Weston, see Cobb. 

1>ANF0KTH, Sarah Koyt, see Jud:;ins, 

p^ NIELS, Arjccla M., s'^e E-Cjnds. 

DANIELS. Eliza I., of Pari?,, ch. surname, to Porter, 1S71. 

r>A-P-LING, Jedediab, Jr., of Bluebill, rb. to Byron Wbitefield Darlinsr. 1S35. 

3")ARUNG, Timotby, of Calais, ch. to Tiicothy Darling, 1S26. 

T)A\T:E. Henry Clinton, of Hebron, Mary Helen, of Auburn, and Augusta, 
I of luinot, ch. {surname to Weston, 1S57. 

i TAVIS, -Alice Hall, see Tcbey. 

tl^AVlS. Aicariah M., see Robbins. 
» 3jAV13. Atuelia Ann. see Huston. 
'f. PAVIS, Charles Frederick, see Poole. 
\ IfAVlS, Charles H., see Martin. 

DAVIS, Ephraim BuG^'ell and others, see Vv^oodcock. 

P.WIS, Jason, of Lewiston, ch. to Nathaniel Davis, 1836, 

D.AVIS, John, of Portland, ch. to John Y. Davis, 1S39. 

SjAVIS, John, of Naples, ch. to John Skiliings Davis, 1835. 

IJ.-WIS. Joshua and family, see Tup per. 

DAVIS, Martha Butlor, see Bowd.vitch. 

li.VVlS, Mary E., see Kuowltca. 

D.VVIS, Mary L., of Portland, ch. sums me to Child, 1S32. 

5JAVIS, Olive G. and Mary, see Foss. 

i .WIS, Rtbecca, of Cornville, ch. to Rpbecta Davis Collins, 1825. 

DAVIS, Pwhoda, of Goihaci, ch. to Khotla Morris Davis, 1S21. 

D.VVIS, Saxuel, see Cuihu:aa. 

DAVIS, Samuel, of Augusta, ch. to Henry Clay Vv'irt, 1835. 

D'AWIN. Rebecca, ch. sarnarue to Sucll, lSti"J. 

'j.W/SON, James H., iee Jordan. 

«DAY. Charles Edward, son of Josiah F., of Portland, ch. to Carles Edward 
Burdctt Day, 1S47. 

I'AY, Daniel. 2d, of Nobleborcugh, ch. to Daniel Malcomb Day, 1840. 

'■AY. Eugene Jordan, see Joiauu. 

'^•AV, Georgia A., sie Frye.^ 

D.vy, Mary Hildrith, see Eaton. 

D1-..\N, Francina A., of Lewiston, ch. surname to Curtis, 1SG7. 

2'E.\N. Levi F., see Turner. 

•DLCATUP., vrillia::a Beverly, of Kittcry, ch. to Stephen Decatur, Jr., lS7i. 

.r.'i .'•. vc'i -,1; ;■: , 

'Mi ■> ac?(. '^.i ■' 

•-.t. t 

CHAl^raZS in NAI.1SS. 17 

DEERTNG, Nathaniel FuJlorton, see Poor. 

DECKER, Lucy EHen, of Goraam, cb. surname to Codnsan, 1845. 

De-ERKENCE, Imcgene Mary, see Kennedy. 

t>eLACAZEDAIl, Thomas de Prarar De Lebatt, Marae Feareglns, of Ban 

gcr, ch. to Thomas Adams, 1832. 
I/SLANO. Susan June, of Woodwich, ch. to Albertice Jane Delano, 1862. 
DELCNG, Aramentia Lawrence, see Southard. 
iDEN'MS, Hobert and others, se«5 Twitchell. 

DENNISON, David, Sd, of Freeport, ch. to David Hareden Dennlson, 1835. 
DEUHIRST, William Wood, of Stock ;on, ch. to William D. Hichborn, 1871. 
I'»eWlTT, Asa and family, see Witt. 
"DEXTER, Frank H., see Allen. 

I^ICKER, Sarah Jane, of Auburn, ch. to Ida M. Gowell, 1857'. 
DICKEY, Derias, of LlncolnrlUe, ch. to David Dickey, 1862. 
(DILLINGHANT. Sarah Jane, of Sebec, ch. eurname to Luce, 1837. 
(DINGLBY, Charles Sumner, of Rartland,, ch. surname to Marsh, 1855. 
DINGLEY, General, of Liabon, ch. to Nelson Lyman Dlngley, 1S56. 
DINGLEY, William, ch. to William Franklin Dingier, 1852, 
DISKO. Jeremiah Plummer, of Addison, ch. to John Jackson Disko. 1835. 
3DIX. Elijah R., see Ray. 

3X)CKHAM, Lucetta Maria, of Sebec. ch. £urnam.e to Twombly, 1856. 
t>ODrrE, Arthur Welsley, of Waldo borough, ch. to Arthur Trowbridge, 

(DoiXiE. Epaphras Kibby, of Portland, ch. to Thomas KIbby Dodge, 1835. 
■DODGE, Salome H.. of Brookllne. ch. to Sarah H.. Dodge, 18G8. 
l>ODGE, William, of Salem, ch. to William Warren Dadge, 18C9. 
IjOE. Nicholas Esty, of Augusta, ch. to Esty Nicholas Doe, 1833. 
1X)E, Phebe R., see Fletcher. 

I>OLE. Enoch, 2d, of Alna, ch. to Albert Gallatin Doe, 1823. 
liOLLEY, George, see Dolloph. 

SX)IJX)PH, Alphonso, of Gray, 8ch. to George Dolley, 1870. 
5X)LPH. Eliza., of Thomaston, ch. to Pa.'^tora Elizabeth Mason. 1838. 
T>ONAHUE, Charles, of Bangor, ch. to Charlea D. Miller, 1373. 
DONXELL, Rufus Edwin, ee»e Bubier. 
IXDNNELL, William, of Bath, house-wright, ch. to Wllliax Curtis Donnell, 

roORE, John, of Steuben, ch. «ur ;ame to Leigbton, 1S42. 
t>nRE. Hattie P.. see Blanchuri. 
TX)CGHTY. George N., of Pcrtlaad. ch. to George NathknJel UtUeJohn. 


O .fl"> 

J a. 


POUGKTY. "William H. and Ann, of Fairfield, ch. Barname to Mitchell, 
1S48. • 

DOUGLASS, Mary R., of Unity, ch. to Hannah R. B.'TDou glass, 1848. 

DOUGLASS. Raymond, of Unity, ch. to Charles S. DouglasB, 1848. 

DOW, Abraham, of Portland, ch. to Alfred Dow, 1S27. 

TXjW, Kiram Holmes, cee Holmes 

pOW, Lydia, of Greenwood, ch. «ur;iame to Whittle. 1S72. 

DOW, Zarina L., of Whltelield, ch. eurname to Cole. 1867. 

!DO'V;^ING, Lemont, see Burton. 

X>OYLS, Eva Maria, adopted by William D. and 5!ary Either, ch. surnama 
to Bither, 1568. 

•DOYLE, Isaac Case, of Hodgdon, ch. to Edwin Doyle, 1832. 
• DRAKE, Stillman, of Bangor, ch. to Samuel Stlllman Drake, 1S33. 

DRINi-^WATER, Emerson P., of Bangor, ch. to Emerson Driakwater Por- 
ter, 1837. 

DuAUDEBUT, Henrietta, see Gould ing. 

DUDLEY, Charles, of Hallowell, ch. to i-Yiend C. Dudley, 1885. 

DULIN, John, adopted son of John L. Lawrence, of Kiitei-y Point, cfi. to 
John D. Lawrence, 1S53. 

DUNHAM, Charlotte P., of Ellsworth, ch. surname to Emery, 1S53. 

DUNHAM, Herbert J., see Andrews. 

(DUNN, Florance M., Bee Heald. 

DUNNING, John, of Brunswick, ch. to Thomas Jefferson John Dunning, 1835. 

DUNNING, John, 3d, of Brunswick, ch. to John Andrew Duuuing, 1821. 

CDUNTON, Jfiphet, of Starts, ch. surname to Gove, 1829. 

IDURRBLL, Yv'illiam, 2d, of Kenne Dunkport, ch. to William H. Durrell, 

DWELLY, IL^rry, of Carmel, ch. to Henry Dwelly, 1839. 

IDWINELL, Sumner W., Nathan M., and Ada M., all of Auburn, ch. sur- 
name to Woodbury, 1867. 

DYER, Annie, adopted dau. of Edwin H., and Jane M. Thompson, of Bruns- 
wick, ch. to Emma Sewall Thomp.5on, 18S5. 

DYER, Jprrmiah, of Scbaj?o, ch. to Ezra Francis Dyer, 1841. 

Dyer, Michael, of BrooksvI'le, ch. to Edward M. Dyer, 1863. 

1>YER, 06C?.r F., of Ruc'ifield. ch. to Elbrldge Dyer. IS.^S. 

DYER, Stephanas Elliot, of Dover, ch. to Charles Dyer Paine, 1848. 


loa (i*^ ,an 

- i-.r. 





\ ' 

P \MES. A!cxardf r, Jr., of Newry, oh. to Alexander Putnam Ean:es, 1845. 

c=:.^>'F-S, Wii'iiam. of Canton, ch. surname to Ames. 1S22. 
I:.•^^':ES, Gilbert ar'i CarDiine T., of Wuolv/ich, ch. surname to Ames, 1S5S. 
KAMES. Hiram Patten, of Frankfort, ch. to Hiram Eamfs Littlefit-ld, 1S44. 
T.-i'^TES. Jact?b, of Clinton, and his children, ch. surname to Ames, 1S23. 
5-:.*ST'MAN. Addie Jane, and others, see Calcr. 
EATON, Abitrail. s=e Coombs. 

r.vTON, Herrick, of Trenton, ch. to HerricK Munson Eaton, 1837. 
EATON, John, see Tinker. 

EATOX. ISTarv. nf Portland, ch. to ^'■?.ry Hi'drith Day, lS3t. 
V.DV.'APPS, Ppla C?ss, minor sen of Samuel G. Edwards, of Casco, ch. to 

Lewis Cass Edwards, 1536. 
•r.nvvAl;lJS, David A., of Otisfleld, rh. to David Andrerrs, 1854. 
KinVA-PDS, Wii;.iam K3nry, se'3 Flanders. 
ET>.\. V.'illiam. of Frycburg, ch. surname to Gammon, 1S91. 
r.) DER. Mary Ovy-en, se^ Snow. 
'^:l.DRIDGE, Gilbert W.. Matilda, PTcnry G.. Gilbert, Jr., and Josephine 

E., ell of ChesterviHe, ch. surname to Weilrnan, lSb4. . 
J'T.DRIDGS, GilK-rt, see Welman. 
EI KI.\'£, Abby Merrill, see Fr^;nch. 

ELIJS. Mary Elizabeth, see Burrill. 

EI. LIS. Simon R., see' Cockson. 

3-:i.\VIX, William S.. se-e Ew-^ry. 

K:.!ERSON. Edward ciapp, of Portland, ch. to Andrew Leonard Emerson 

Clapp. 1841. 
JIMERSON, Fredefirk Augutus, of Denmark, wife and three Liinor chil- 
dren, ch. surname to Emery, ISllS. 
;'.MERSON, John, of Holland, ch. to John Henry Emer:-on, 1S:2. 

IvMERSON, Martin Luther, see Periiald. 

<:.MERSON, Myrick, of Portland, ch. to James M. Emerson, 1S56. 

!:MERS0N, William, of B;othbay, ch. to Wiilipm. Shillaby Emerson, 1S24. 

EMERY, Ari.xene L. A., ch. su-name to McCiintock, 1S69. 

S'-TnERY, Charlotte P., see Dunham. 

"^MERY, Daniel, of Go. ham, ch. to Daniel Clark Emery, 1S28. 

I'.MERY, Frederic Aii^us'us ana faiuiiy, aee Emerson. 

E.V.ERY, Mary and othsr^. see S-.vett. 

EMERY, Nathan and fanuly, see Mad locks. 

■RVIERY, Nathaniel Davis, of Mercer, ch. surname to Smith. 1835. 

i^.'.lERY, William S., of Watc-rville. ( h. surnarr^e to Ehvin, 1847. 

t^MERTON, Nathau Billings, of S-.-dgwiLk, ch. to William Fernald Emerton, 

.'."Cyr .ar-::,7i trr.;n.'V. ;"..•• v. -M ■•; r'.- 

ot f- .. 

.!•" ,.']>. 

'Iv^ -I,.. 

' (.'1 

- J j'r.i <. y. •««); 


EVEKSON, John, of Boothhav, ch. to John Brown Emerson, 1S34. 
KNNIS. Matgaret, of Machiasport, ch. surname to Gates, ISSl. 
KSLER, George Gowell. see Whitten. 

EVANS, V/illiam. of North Berwick, ch. to William Pitt Evans, 1858. 
EVERETT, Alexander, see Twambly. 

CaRNHAM. Edwin G., see Gallison. 

' FARNHAM. Nettie Maria, see Ayer. 

FARNHAM. Thomas, of Bath, ch. to Thomas K Farnham, 1S48. 

FALES, Adriel Cox. see Cox. 

FANNON. Michael Robert, of New Gloucester, ch. to Henry Angelo Fan- 
non. 1840. •' 

F.ARROVV, Dexter, Lucy A., and Rebecca A., all of Northport, ch. sur- 
name to Farrar, lStt3, 

FARRAR, Andrew, see Jones. 

FARRAR, Calvin, of WaLerford. ch. to Carles Calvin Farrar, 1S29. 

FARRAR, Dexter and others, see Farrow. 

FARRAR, John Rhoads, see Libb/. 

FARRAR, John R., of Palmyra, ch. to John S. Libby, 186S. 

FaRRINGTON, Anna Maria, of East Livermure, ch. to Anna Maria Far- 
rington Garland, 1855. 

FARRINGTON, Noyes, of Fryehurg. ch. lo Noyes Knight Farrington, 1842. 

FaUNCE, Albion W., of Minot, ch. to Franklin W. Faunce, liSl. 

FAVOR, Hiram, of Eastport, ch. to Hiram Stevens Favor, 1*31. 

F.\WSET, Cummings A., and J una M., see Brown. 
I FELKER, Frances Etta, ch. to Etta Fiauces Brown, 1875. 

I FELTON, Skelton, of Paris, ch. to Charles Felton, lS-16. 

i FE.N'ALSON, Devereaux W., see Stewart. 

FENDERSON, Edward, of Biddeiord, ch. to Edward Jason Fenderson, 

FkxalsON. Victoria, ch. surname to Chase, 1S70. 

FENNO, Temperance Harding, of Gorham, ch. to Cha--lotte Harding 
Ftnuo, 18;i9. 

FERNA1.D, BcnjECiin. see Man -on. 

Ft'RNALD, Louisa Caroline, see Stevens. 

F'KRNALD Martin Luther, of Dlx ::nnt, ch. surname to Emerscu, 1>53. 

FlCKETT, Thomas J., of Portland, ch. to Henry Jewett Bo/iatun Hamil- 
ton, i>;4C. 

f'H'E, Fled Royce, see Furbish. 

, i 


riM.FBRO'U'?^', Cheever, of Sunkhaze, ch. to William Cheever Fille- 
brcwr. 1S27. 

riM-EBROWX. John, of R«adfield, ch. to John Bean Fillcbrown, 1840. 

FILLMORE. Etta S., of Tboma^ton, ch. surname to Winslow, 1879. 

FINN, Patrick, of Whltefield, ch to William H. Finn. 1829. 

nsn. Albion Mansfield, of Veazle. and wife, Sophronia Kenada, ch. to 
ATcJon and Sophronia Morris, 1856. 

Tiflr children, Elizabeth Ellen and Isa^c LiTormore, take surname Mor- 

FISH, Caroline M., of Augnsta, eh. surname to Plummer, 1870. 

FISH. Esther M., of Fairfield, ch. to Etta M. Nowell, 1869. 

FISH. Samuel Lalne, of Veazi'?, wife, Adelaide C, minor children, John 

Fairfield. Francis N., George W., and Edward M., ch. Burname to Morrla, 


FISH. Seth of Leeds, wife. Abigail, minor children, Seth, Jr., WUlard and 
MarT, ch. surname to Morris, 18^6. 

FISH, Silas, of Leeds, wife, Snsan, minor children. Edwin W. and Alvin 
D.. ch. surname to Morris, 1356. 

FISH, Stephen, see Cook. 

FISHER. Jennie Llla. ch. surname to Richards and adopted by Fraiicia Ci 
and Lucy J. Richardr. r7b'9. 

FISflER, Waterborough B., of Lewlaton, ch. to Waterborough Fisher Col- 
lins. 1?66. 

riSKE. John, of Bangor, minor son of John B. Fiske, ch. to John Orr 
riske. 1S3L 

F'lTZ. John Stanley and William, see Fitzeerald. 

riTZGER.XLD. John Stanley. of Portland, ch. surname to Fitz, 1858. 

FITZaKRALD. Olive, see Chase. 

I'lTZGERALD. WillUm. of Portland, ch. surname to Fitz, 1860. 

ri.AGO, Sewall M.. and others, see Bubier. 

n.. ANDERS. Drnf'.''la and dau.. see Sowdsn. 

TLANDEFS, Isabella UTiIte. cf B?l'aPt, ch. to I?aholla Wh^te, 1S72. 

n..\XDE'^S. wr^lam Henry of 01dt<^wn. ch. svrnffme to Edwards, 1330. 

FT FTCH^R, Phebe R., of China, ch. surname to Dee. 1872. 

n.INT. Penjim!n. sop Chairman. 

n OOD. ■ Danif 1. of ?nrtl?nd. ch. surname to Floyd. 1846, same La 1S47. 

^ OVD. Daniel, see Flood 

^'LY. Elizabeth and Eunice, see Wales. 

fl YE, Abraham S.. of Sedgwick, ch. to Cha.'-lps S. Flye, 184S. 

*"' VK, saiiy S., of Sedgwick, ch. to Saran b. Flye,. 1845. 


! ' 

i ^ 


FOGG. ..John W., of Freeport, ch. to Charles Fogg, 1870. 
FCGG, Maurice R., pee Wreu. 

FOGG. Moses, of Wales, ch. to Cy us Moses Fogg, 1855. 
FOGG, Sarah E., o«( Montville, eh. to , AtQelia Handall, 1865. 
^ FOGG, William, see Knight. 

FOl.Y, Augustn?, of Cansdea. ch. to Aiigustus C. Ingraham, 1849. 

F0RPE3, Hannah, of Lincoln, ch. surname to Nute, 1854. 

F0KBE3 ,Josiah, see Twitchell. 

FORD. Asia, of Waterford, ch to Charles Asia Ford, 1S44. 

FORREST, Edgar, eee Stevens. 

FORREST, Georg'j, see Keaser. 

FOREST, Jolin T.. end Angelia N.. see "Wormwood. 

Fv-5.5, Ivor}', of Kaiicock. ch. to Ivory Hovcy Fc^s, 1S42. 

FOSS, Levi Gillman ,s^ Hnrd. 

FOSS. Olive G., and Mary, both of Lewiston. ch. surname to Davis, 

I ; FOSTER, Benjamin Orrin, see Whitten. 

FOSTER, Frederick, of Portland, minor son of John T., th. to Georg© 

Fo.=ter. 1.S47. 
FOSTER, Prudence, of Llverraore, ch. surname to Read. 1834. 
FOi?TER, William, see Freeman. 

FOWl.ER, Cyrus True, of Prospect, ch. to Cyrus True. 1844. 
FOWLFR. EUza A., see Bartlett. 

FOV/LES, Daniel, of V3SS?.lborcu2;h, ch. surname to Ranr^nlrh, 1S54. 
FOYE. Robert, o! Montville. ch. tc Robert F. Foye, 1854. 
I-"R>NCIS, Harriet R.. see Bur tank. 
FKAX1V.EIN, Benjamin, see Loud. 

FR\v:klIN, Benjamin, v.'lfe and children, see Garlar.d. 
FRANKLIN. Henry T. and Betsey, see Pride. 
: .TRAZ1;:R, William Warr?n. of Ells vrnr+h. rh. to William Warren, 1S4S. 

FREE^fAN, Albert Wallace, see Whitn^ore. 
FhEEMAN. Jacob, see Tootliaker. 
FREEMAN, Wil!iam Lleweilvn. adored son of William C. Foster of 

Ari;ile, ch. to William Foster. 1S64. 
FREEZE, Belinda M.. of Orono. oh. eu:name to Merrill. 1S91. 
FK( MONT, Thomas,' see Brown. 

FRENCH, Abigail M., ch. to A'lhy Merrill Slsins. 1352. 
FRENCH. Hekn FVaaces and Mary Frances, see Conner. 
FRENCH, Ibaac jiDq ociinrs. ace ^.'^cGaiifctt, 
FLENCH, Willian:. see Nosh. 

s ? 

t't'': .; ft5,^ Ot -vi ;; ■: 

ftJiTv'J ?J 



FRIEND, Helen Rebecca. see Harvey. 

FRITZ. Pilsbury S., of Steul>eii, ch. to Pilsbury Haskell, 1847. 

FRIZZLE, Louisa and dau., of New Sharon, ch. surname to Works, 1832. 

FKOST, Anna P., gee Hobbs. 

FROST, Sophia D., of Corinna, ch, surname to Morse, 1S71. 

FROST, William, of Norway, ch. to William Dayton Frost. 1865. 

FRYE, Charles S., of Bowdoin, ch. surname to Willis, 1863. 

FRYE, Georgia A., of PVyeburg, ch. surname to Day, 1879. 

FRYE, Isaiah and John Warren, see Hanson. 

FULLER, Edward Warren, see War. en. 

FULLER, Emma A., see Ciark. 

FULLER, JOhathan, 2d, of Freedom, ch. to Jonatan Hammond Puller, 1835. 

FULSOM, Annie L., see Stevens. 

FULSOM, Susan, see Trask. 

FURBISH, Augustus Harmon Frank, of Portland, ch. to Herman 

Frank Furbish, 1S63. 
FURBISH. Fred S., ch. to Fred Royce Fife. 1883. 
FURGUSON, Mary E., ch. surname to Loud. 1869. 

Q AGE, Adalaidc Elizabeth, see Wyman. 

^GAMMON, WilliaJB, see Ela. 

GaLLISON, Edwin, minor son of Sarah W., of Atkinson, ch. to Edwin G. 

Fainham, l«5b. 

CA^l^'aN, Martin, of Brunswick, ch. to Frank Martin Hacker, 1872. 

GARLINER, David L., a.nd Xiimuy, see Guptiil. 

GARDINER, Fanny P. and others, see Mustard. 

GARDINER, Hannah Sterling, see Sterling. 

GaRDiNER, R. Rophenie, of Augusta, ch. surname to Stevens, 1S65. 

GARLAND, Anna Maria Farriugtca, see Farington. 

Garland, Benjamin, 2d,- wife, Marion, children, Benjamin, Ziba, Laban, 

Etiwin, Addison, ilaiiaia and Hannah of Ellsworth, jh. surname to Franklin, 

GARLAND, John C, see Bick^ord. 

GARRAT, Annie Lois, see Brawn, 

GATEHELL, Samuel, of DLsmout, ch, to Sr.muel P. Gatchell, 1S34. 

GATES, Henry, see Buck. 

GATP:S. Margaret, see Ennis. 

GATES, Thankful, of Thomaston. ch, surname to Robinson. 1S53. 

GAY, Bud, of Thomaston. ch. to George Gay, 184L 

GEUR. Launnia, o! Lev/iston, ch. surnajie to Stevens, 1864. • 


- . • V^ • i 

''<"■ «.',.J 


GEOTGE, Flavilla Jessie, Bee GreenVaf. 

Gl'RALD, Eleanor S., and son, Evander H., ch. surname to Goodrich, 

GETCHELL. Darius, see Hall. 

(U-.ICHEIjL. Eugeue Augustus, of Bangor, ch. surname to Green, 1851. 

CLCTCHELL, Willis, of Appleton, ch. surname to Webster. 1&53. 

GIPPS, Eliza E., see West. 

GIBBS, Thomas B., wife, Sylva, children, Francis A., Sarah E. and 

Thomas B., Jr., of Waterville, ch. surname to Blake. 1839. 
GIP?ON, Alvah, of Farminston, ch. to Charles Alvah Morrill, 1864. 
GIFFORD. Eliza F., adopted dau. of Abram Morrison, ch. to Eliza Morri- 
son. 1853. . 
GILBERT, Benjamin Franklin, see MoT.con. 
GILCHRIST, George, 2d, of SL George, ch. to George Washington, 

Gilchrist. 1846. 
OILMAN, Almena, of St. Albacs, rh. to Mary Almena Carr, 1841. 
GILMAN. Caroline L. S., of Bangor, ch. to Caroline Langdou Storer Star- 

rctt, 1846. 
GILMAN, Deborah, of Portland, ch. to Mary Grant, 1839. 
GILMAN, Eliza J., see Bangs. 
GILMAN, Henry Harrison, of Jonesjoroiigh, ch. to William Harrison 

Shoppee, 1853. 
GILMAN. John, see Eirsklrk. 
GILM.\N, Jonathan, see Willey. 
GILMAN, Sylvanus Giles Light, of Dexter, ch. to Sylvester Giles Light 

Gilman, ISt.. 
GILMORE, Helen Jane, see Little. 
GILMORE, Miry, see Bumps. 
GILMORE. Naomi, see Ordway. 

GILPATRIC, Emma, of Augusta, ch. to Emma G. Lyford, 1858. 
GLEASON, Jesse,, see Merriara. 
GLE.\SON, ' Joseph lYankUn, see Wentworth. 
GLOVER, Kesiah, of Hebron, ch. to Mary Glover, 1856. 
GODDARD, Caroline E. and George Edward, ch. surname to Hackor, 

GOr>DARD, Roscoe, see Greene. 
GOLDSMITH, Simon of Waldoborough ch. surname to Herm n, 

GOOD.-VLE, John and family, see Woodcock. 
G(X>DING, Charles, ol PonlauJ, ch. to George Charles Goodlns, l'- L 


T ^' ' ' 


:T.- r .f:j ,r;:;;'''V! V' 



r.:'->: . 

•i -' <r,. :'^ 

r .n"" 


GOODrtlCH, Eleanor S. and son, see Gerald. 

GOODRICH, Fred Herbert, of Fayette, ch. suraame to White, 1873. 

GOODWIN, Edward T.. see Teal. 

GOODWIN, Ivory, see Butiaud. 

GOODWIN, James, Jr., of South Berwick, ch. to Charles James Goodwin, 

GOODV\^IN, Nathaniel, 2d, of Bidde'ord. ch. to Nathaniel Hobbs Good- 
win. 1828. 

GOODWIN, Susan E. and Marth-a J., see Wentworth. 

GOODWIN, William, of Bu.xton. ch. to William Frederick Goodwin, 

I GOOGINS, Edward A., of Franklin county, ch. to Edward Lincoln, 18C1. 
I OOKDAN, Eugfne W.. see Libby. 

I GORDAN, Rowland Kittridge, of Raymond, minor son of Charlotte 

Gordan. ch. to John Rowland Kittridge Gordan, 1856. 

GOTT, Ira WMtham, of Ellsv.orch, ch. to Ira Wi'.bam, 1S34. 

GOWn, Emily B., see Marshall. 

GCUDY, Hannah, of Athens, ^ ch. surname to Small, 184S. 

GOULD, Aaron, see Crane. 

f"<>T'LD, Lydia Ann and Charles, of St. Albans, ch. surname to Wlggin, 

GOULD, Samuel, of Kcnnebnnkport, ch. to Sancv.el H. Gould. 1S36. 

GOUIDING, Henriette, of Portland, ch. surname to Du Aubebut, 1S28. 

GOWELL, Ida M.. see Dicker. 

GOWER, Mary Ann Brainard,- see Brainard. 

GOVE. Japhet, see Dunton. 

HRAFFAM, Storer S., of Westbrook, ch. surname to Knight. 1866. 

GHAHAM, James A. and Emily fcs., see Grimes. 

GRAHAM, Jobn, see McLogan. 

GR.\NT, Gustavus Adolytius and family, see Woodcock. 

CKANT, Mary, see GlLman. 

f'UANT, Moses, Jr., of Soutb Berwick, ch. to Clintcn Moses Grant, 1S43. 

<^'lt.\NT, William C. si-? Campbell. 

*^5^AY, Alice, see B'.aisd'ill. 

t'RAY, Annie E.. of Manch'^^t'^r. ch. siiTiame to Kendrick, 1S71. 

f'RAY. Elizabeth Closson. see Closson. 

CRAY, Maria, adc.n-ted daui;ater oi John W. '-L-j-riman, of Bucksport, ch. 
to Sarah Harriman. 1^:'^6Q. 

f'-RAY. Nathaniel, of Siirry, ch. to George Wi-i-bington G-ay, 1836. 

^f^AY. Samael ,of Buxton, cu. to Charles C. Gray, 1^55. 


nrrpN'. Charlfs, of Portland, ch. to Roscoe Gofid?rd Gr'^'^n, 1S23. 

r,t-'FrN'. rani"!, of Wa^f rford, oh. to ^jirirl \Y. Green. 1S60. 

ORrFX. Eugene Augustus. see Getchell. 

GREKN. Jonas Bowen ' Clark, of South Berwick, ch. to Bowen C. 

r^rFN'T.A'^', Ef^win M., see Wals^rnve. 

OKFFN'T.AW. William F.. Jane M., C- Witt. Sar^h. Hannah and Livlns- 

ston. all of Charlotte, ch. Surname to Cl^rton. 1?82. 
GRFFN'L.EAF, Flavilla, of New Sharon, ch. to Ir'avilia Jo£.V.e George, 

GREFNT.FAF.. John and others, see 

GPTTFVIJFF. Freeman, of Wbitf^neld. oh. surn^rre to Conner, 1836. 

r.p.'S'FR. La^irinda. of l>T\M<^tnn. rh. surnanie to Stfven?, iSGt. 

GPIFKIN, Reuben, of Augusta, ch. to Reuben Ganelie Griffin, 1844. 

GRIFFIN. Timothy W.. ch. to War en Varney. 1869. 

GRIFFiTH, Merey Burgess, of Canton, ch. snrrame to B'l'nsoa, 1n3.=;. 

GRIMES, James A. and Emily S.,'of Biddeford, ch. surname to Graham, 

GRINDI.E. Abby Alma, see Leach. 
GRINDLE, George Washington, see Clough. 
Gnoas. William B., ch. eurname to Grcves, 18S3. 

G ROVER. Nchum M., of West Gardiner, ch. surname to Stone. 1856. 
GROA'lEXER, Scih, of Minot. ch. to Seth Craige Groveaer, 1S36. 
GROVES, William B.. see Gross. 
GROVNOR. Francis, see Penley. 
GPOW-8, James Waldron. see Leav'tt. 

GUPTILL, David L. and Abbie A., of Hallcwell. and th?ir minor ohildren, 
George Henry, Charles William. Henry Vv'injlow, Abbie Inez, FieJerick 

A. C. and Annie H., ch. surname to Gardiner, 18.S4. ' 
GrPTILL, George W., of HaliowoU, ch. surname to G-n'iner, 1S53. 
GrPTILL, John, of Albion, ch. sur sme tc Garvlia-T, 1S54. 
GUPTILL, Nathaniel i^., of Albion, ch. surname to Gardiner. 1846. 

L* ACI-IER, Caroline E. and George Eilvard, see Goddard. 

HACIvER, Fraiik Martin, see (Jaun;;n. 
Haddock, AJbert Tracy, of Ban -nr. ch. to Albert Tracy, 1S41. 
'ilAGENS, John, of Linliagton, ch. si:rname to Hig^ins, 1S32. 
HaG;:11. Sewal, of Vv'ashiugion, ch. buinan^e to V.'itt, J 841. 
HaGINS, Aarou, of Limingion, ch. iuiuatue to Higsius, li>36. 


.p"!ji'i r) 

"'.^j /T.r" 

V ':iw- 


}T.MN"£. Dudley, of Readfield, ch. to Dudley Livingston Kaiues, 

I'AiNES, Edv/ard, of Portland, ch. to Edward Payson Haines, 1S29. 

HAINCS, Piiscilla A., see K(.ii;or. 

I'.ALC, Alphtus Roswell, see Ham len. 

HALE, Calvin Henry and family, see Htald. 

HALE, Charles, see Brute. 

IL'vLE, Elicabeth and others, see Heald. 

}L\1.E, Mary Jane, of Fayette, ch. to Mary Af^enath Hale. 1S42. 

?'AI.I-:V, Christiana and Maud, see Stimpson. 

H.VLEY, IMargaretta Jane, see Tre r'etLcn. 
I ):aLL, Albert P., of Bath. ch. to Percival Clementine, 1846. 
I ij.ALL, Charles, see Record. 

I I'.ALL, Dbf^n, of Naples, ch. to Eben P. Hall. 1S67 
f HALL, Mary Jane ,of Lewiston, ch. surnaroe to' Ccle, 1S48. 

I HALL, Orange, of Jefferson, cji. to Charles H. Linscott, 1848. 

}I.\LL, Philip and Roxanna H., see Sylvester. 
I HALL, Sarah Elizabeth of Biadfoid.-cu. surname to 1871. 

I HALL, W iriiam, see Kavcock. 


; l'-iilo\ven, Helen Viora. see Hanks. 

HAM, Andrew H., of Shapleigh, ch. To Andrew D. Mitchell, 1S50. 

II A.M. YatcS Rogers, of Li:neiick. on. to Eugene Lane, 1S73. 

IIAMH.ION, Danie'l B., see Carter. 

Hamilton. Henry Jcwptt Bj/iagi.n, see Fickett. 

H.^MLLX. Ann, see Hu;d. 

HA.MLiN, William, of Waterford, ch. to William Henry Hamlin. ISoC. 

HAilOk. Frances Eilcn, dau. of, ot i^cen, ch. to Eiia Frances 

Ilcanor. IbtT). 

HA.MGR, James, 2d, of Eden, ch. to Jpmes E. Hamor, 1S59. 

Ha.N'DY, Sumner Melville, see Mar :n. 

HANKS, Hcieu Vior-, a^^^.td c^iid u. jcsiah R. Hallov/oll, ch. surname to 

Halloweil, 1S5S. 

1L'-.\S0N, Isaiah Frye and John War: en, both of Portland, ch. surname to 
Fryt, iSoO. 

HARDY. Lydia Ann, of Vassalborough, ch. surname to Cartland, 1SC2. 

I'.Al.KNESS. Susie E., see Banner. 

liAlvLow, Kofc^a, of Minot, minor son of Jesse, ch. to Roscoe Loren.:n Hir- 
low, IS 50. 

Hahmo.X, El!, of Staa-H.=h, ch. to Roswcll Carters Harmon, 1S32. 

iiALNDEN, Alpiieus Ro-well, of UiU-hrop, ch. suiiiaa-' io Hale, lbC3. 


H/'-HR-I^I-A-N, Ar.di-evv. see Mcl.aug!i'in. 

HAI^RIMAN, Sarah Jane, see Giay. 

I-.AHR.IMAN. Viola M., se.c' Varnura. 

JIAKRIS, Mosos Titccmb. of Portland, ch. to Edward Harris, 1834. 

j-iARUSON, Sanjuel Byron, ch. to Samuel Watson Harrison, 1S83. 

>-.VP.Ti?HORN, Charlos. cee Hcdski-^a. 

^^.^RVEY. .loun W. E., of Atkinson, rb. to Enserscn F. Harvey, 1848. 

HARVEY, Rebecca R., of Lagrange, ch. to Keien Rebecca Friend, 184S. 

JI.\eKELL, Belle Stunl.-y.see Perldus. 

HASKELL, Pilsbury. see Fritz. 

liASI'ELL, Ripley, minor son of Eli ilet, of Dover, ch. to Lewis Ripley 

HsFkell, 1S52. 
J'.VSKELL. Sclcnicn, of Portland, nb. to Lewsllyn Solomon Haskell, ISL'6. 
>t.\3KEL-L. William, .3d, of Harri.^on. cb. to Vv"iliiain Boltcn Haskell. 1837. 
H.ASjALTON, Iviary El!7.abeth, see Eituirise. 
h.\STLNG3, Calvin, cf UrJcn, ch. sur :ar-e to Hecicnv.^ay, 18-17. 
li.\TCK. , an adopted dau. of Charles Caacery, of Vv'alduborough, i-h. 

to I<:a May Comery, iS60. 
3IATCH. Eliza Ann, of Mercer, ch. to Lizzie A. Hatch. 1854. 
ilATCH, Emily, see Chaauourne. 

}<ATCH, Joseph, 3d, of Kenirebtink, rh. to Joseph E. Hn.t:h. 1839. 
l-iATCH, Khocla Ejlis. of Msrcer. ch. to Ahby Maria Hatch, 1S54. 
iittch, Shcarjr.shub, cf Mercer, ch. to Francis Hatch, 1S40. 
K.-.WK, Sophronia, of Ai-.burn, ch. surname to Holbiook; her son Gran- 
ville Prebie, to be Cbnrles Hoiorcoii; h.-r icn Albert Preble, to be Albert 

Preble Holbroct.; h< r sen El win Vv'ait, to be Ed^in Bird Hclbrock, 1S57. 
1^.^WKES, Jamei, Jc., oi Poi tiand, ch. to JaUi<iS Robiu^^on, l83o. 
HaVvKES, Lyuia F., see Huss«iy. 

i?.\WKES. Margaret E., cf Vassalbor .ugh. ch. surnarce to Nichols, 1S50. 
I'.VYrorK. V.'iliiam Ji'., of Charleston, c ii. to Vriiiiaiu KaVi, 1835. 
JIAYI/EN, Davis, oi rtaymond. ch. to Mahion D. Harden, 1835. 
H.^YDEN, John, of P;->th, ch. to William Heddean, 1831. 
I'AYPEN. John and V.'v.'Av.m. see Hed '..-an. 
Paynes, Isabell W. and Mabel, see Colpits. 

H.VYXF?. Jcn-than M., of Parsons f-eld. ..h. to J^hn M. Haynes, IR^.S. 
JIAY'.VOQD, Eli-ha, of Sidn3y, wife and children, ch. suiuame to Ho'.vard, 


HF.'V.LD, Abby W., o? Augnsta, oh. snrnnrrje to Allen. I^'JO. 
HPALD. Calvin Henry, of Lincoln ;ilie, vafe Wait^till and cue child, ch. 
Burname to Hale. 1345. 


IIUALD. Elizabeth L.. Helen L., Caro'ine A., Johxi L. and Edward P.. all 

r.f Winirlow. rh. surname to Hale, 1S54. 
I'EALD, Florence M., of Peru. ch. suraan:e to Dunn, 1S70. ' 

3ir:A.l.D,- Stephen, of Lovell, ch. to Stephen Ayer Bradley Heald, 1827. 
!IF'TH. Joshua, Jr., of Augusta, c.i. v- joshua I.eander Heath, 1S31. 
ME.^TH. San-'ucl A., cf Gardiner, en., -o warren Andrews, 1867. 
i!L.)liEAN, Ji^hn, of Bath. ch. suro;inie to Hayden, 1S31. 
h^DDEAN, William, of Bath, ch. to John Hayden. 1S30. 
]'.EDGE, Isaii-.h, of Limerick, "ch. to Isaiah Hallett Hedge, 1848. 
JIKDMAX, Mary, cf Portland, ch. lo Mary Blanchard Hedman, 1836. 
i^LMENWAY, Calvin, see Hasting?. 
.LENDER SON, Ruby, ch. surname to McKenzie, 1S52. 
I'l ERMON,. Sison. see Goldsmith. 
HERPaCK, John P'-stt. see Pratt.' 
HERSOM, Joseph W., adopted son cf Jonas B. Lancester, of Corinna, ch. 

to Joserh H. Lancaster, 1S60. 
HIBBARD, Erastus G. and ot,her5. see Angel. 
HIGHBORN. William D.. see De^vairst. 

HICKS, Eliza Metoalf, of Winthrop, rh. to Eliz?. Metcalf, 1859. 
HIGGLNS, ' Albicn K. P., of Eisi Thcmaston, ch. to Albion P. Higgins, 

;S49. . , 

HiGGINS, John and Aaron, see Kagons. 

J'lGGl.NS, Robert. Jr., of Standish, en. to Robert Granville "Higgins. 1S33. 
I'IGGIXS. Sariuel :\f., of Eden. ch. lo John M. Higgins, 18.57. 
r lUGGINS, Stephen, Bridget and Joaenh, of Mount Dtsert. ch. surname to 

Troy. 184S. 
HIGGINS, Timothy, Gd, of Standiih, ch. to Timothy Washington Higgins, 

HIGHT.. Mary Clark, see Clark. 

H.ILL. DiiriL-s au.! wife, D^.-borah T., of Br::nswick, ch. surname to Gotchell, 

HILL, Ruth Ann, see Patterson. 

HILLING, Horatio Alfred, of Bath. ch. to Hilling. 1859. 
HJLTON, Jo.'.eph and others, s=e Brin i^eou. 
HILTON. Gilr-ian, of Augusta, ch. to Knah-ml Baifour, 1S44. 
liINKJ.EY. Ellen E. D., of Augusta, ch. surname to Norcrcss. ISGO. 
lljNKT FY. Evic. of Mercer, ch. ro na-vir Winkley. 18tO. 
HISCOCK, Wi:ii;im and Joan, his wife, H?thorn J.. 3?rah Elizah-^th, 
J'rn Ortavia. William ''•T'^lvin, and '^oor-f' F'wiri. --hiM-^n of WiPima 
^nd Joan. Augustus LIi.;cock and Muiy J., his wife. Hasty Hiscock and 

CHAN::-ES in NAMES. 30 

Vfrtha P.. Hiscock. P^Tes Hiscock and Susan T., h:s wif-?, Martha K., 
Ij-^nic] C. Wiiliara and Keury D., c-Aildron of Perez and Sutan. Marcha, 
>'A..\ C. Joieyh P., Charlotte P., Samuel P., Pleury, Martha, Nancy, 
Ciara, Augustur,, Rufus. James P., Daniel, Mary. Cla'-a, Fred'^rick and 
.'.Villlana H. Hiscock, all of Noble-ior »ugh, ch. sur name to Hitchcock. 18 !G. 
H.'N'CKLEV. Maitliu Washington, of Lev/iston, ch. to Winnefred Martha 

Ili.vk!.:v, 1E73. 
HITCHCOCK, Hartley D.. of Bath, ch. to Hartley D. Leonard, ii63. 
HryCIiCOCIv, P.ufus WliUam and Benjauiin, of Portland, ch. sumame to 

Th..vlcr. IS 14. 
KICTHCOC.^I, "VVilliam and others, see Kisccck. 
I:OAK, Luther, Janies IL, Joseph J., Nancy A., Bli^nche E., Hannah B.. and 

J':~f,^h, ?11 of Rc^nc'^^.^.'-'. ch. su^'naino if Ni'e, 1S'>?. 
JUTAR, Nathaniel B., John L., John T., Isaac E., Dorcas and Geneva E., 

aii of Ratgeley, th. surnu-Le to Nile, 1^(34. 
H01;BS, Anna P., or Norway, ch. tur.iame to Frost, 1S51. 
V.'Cir.:i^. EetSEv. see Pajkard. 

I'QDBo, George Vv'adh'ngton, of Ml o, ch. to George Washington, 1S52. 
>iOBB3, Sabra, see Murry. 
3ICDGD0N, Annie Frcnkie. spe 
LCLGKIN,- Ablah, of Lewistoa. ch. ro Sally Kodgkin. 1S3S. 
HoLGIviNo, Hartshorn, of Poland, ch. to Charles Kart3horn, 1S41. 
j'01~'Kir';S, James, see Na^Jo. ' 

a^CI'SDON, Jesse *D., of Greenv/ood, ch. to Dustin Hodsdon, 1S4S. 
T-Ior.Sr.'ON, John LittleSild, see L.t.leiiold. 
HOSDON, Sabica P.. see 
jlOlT, Joseph and othcis, see Mo-ang. 

-'C.!-BROOK, Charles, of .'-auburn, ch. to CharLs Preble Hclbrook, 1ST2. 
HOLBROOK, J.jnaLhan, Jr., of North jort, ch. to John Francis Hoibrook, 

I:CLEROCK, Scrhrcnia and sons, iee Kr.wk. 

KGLLAND, JoiiH and othi'.is, ss-e Wasg. 

liOi MES, Hiram, of Pouiand, ca. to Hiram Dow. 1S27. 

I:CL.\;ES, Jciferhon, of Dtaibv^n, did wi.e, Hannah, ch. turname to 

Hocsman, 1S?.6. 

HGi,V. Charlts, of A'.br^ny, ch. to Chrrles Leon K.^.lt. 1S59. 

KOLT; Hiram, 2d, of Bethel, ch. to Hiiam H. Hvlt, lo4S. 

HOLT. Jcr>athan, of Gardvner, ch. to Jjhn Hnlt, IS'A. 

^IGLT, Mahala C. of Augiu-ta, ch. suiname \o Eoynton, 1866. 

liGLT, Malvina Seviah, of Keudusi . eag, cb. to MalviHa T.iuiston, 1837. 


nOT-'^'AY, Frederick J., see M'tob -ll. 

HOOK, Mcses, of Caitine, ch. cu Frederick Ausustus Hook, 1840. 

IfLC'FER, JuJia, see Vv'ciuiwood. 

>10PK1NS. Jclin A., of Banaor. oa. to John Ayer, 1844. 

^iOrUlA'SON, Cai-cline E., of Cheipea, ch. to Elizabeth C. Wormwood, 

I?ORAN, Elmina S., Edwin M., and Lizzie S., all of Readfield, ch. surnarce 

la Hutchinson, 1873. 
^ORXE, :NJary Sulema, see Petten^ill. 
HOSSMAN, Jefteri^on, see Hulmt^s. 

J-.CUSE, Jesse Avacder, of Gretae, ch. surname to Cummings, 1840. 
^'iOVLV, Hannah, see Butler. 
UCWAKD, Ann Dill. see Macom .er. 
IIOV.'ARD. Eiiah,i, and family, s-^e ^ayward. 
^lOV.'ARD,, see Prentice. 
,i:OV.'AF..D, Levi and otbers, see Vv'itham. 
J^OvVE, Jeremiah Nelson, see Tvitchell. 
HUBBARD, Nancy S., of Hiram, th. surname to Pingres, 1878. 
i'.ULY. Nancy J., oi Bristol, ch. to Nanie J. McCllntock, lb65. 
HUi SON, Ira A., see Sldlenger. 
jil'l-'F, Ch:.uncey Kuowies, of Lexington, ch. to Chauncey Knowles, 

JiUFF, Martha B., of Lexington, ch. to Martha Barton Knowles, 1S68. 

IILNNEWELL, i/ary Jane, see ti-i-rry. 

^JUIvT, Wi.iiara Mcosrs, of IMtts.jn, ch. to William Mooers, 1843. 

IIINTER, John L.. see Larrabee. 

HUNTER, Linda M., st-e Richard :cn. 

iiUNTER, Lizzie ^L, see Cooaibs. 

HU>;toON, LoUisa and Lorana, .idoited children of Eyhraim RanJ of 

Letter E, Franklia county, add Kaud for surname, 1350. 
I'URD. Ann, of Augusta, ch. surname to Hansien, 1hA2. 
L'URD, Cyrus, cf Carmel. ch. to Cy v.s Eaward Hard. 1S!^1. 
HURD, Levi Gillman. of St. Albans, a miner, adoyttd by Nathaniel G. Foss, 

ch. surname to Fcss. 1S50. 
MUSSEY, Ann M.. s^e Nut-. 

irUSSEY, Eunice Ann. of Hampd'^n, ch. to Ann Maria Smith, IS.' 5 
HL'SSEY, Lydia F. and Sarah A., ch. surname to Hawkes, 1369. 
,HUF£I:y, Stephen, Jr., of Albion, i.u. to Stephen Wilson Hussey, 1S28. 
J-IUSTON, AnitlJa Ann, of Now Pi.:t'and. ch. surname to Davis, 1343. 
HUTCHINS, Anoelia B., see Wig^la. 

tnn ..ii [■'.' ir- 

.y 'i 

Oi ' . ■■- 1. '.r- 

^^ .::,:' .'.-A »C .i i ■ .'•>!■ 

'ft\ ", i ■ . ; 'f J !::"v 

y. i... .■! 

;c'" "•' 

.»■ ' *i »' i'jia...' jj / 

'i .tc. ':,. r,: I rr,'. 


jJT'TCHiyGS, Edward, see James. 

tTTCHTNS, William, 2d, of Kennebunkpcrt, ch. to William Huff Hutch- 

'r.e. ■:s:4. 

J""TCHINP0N. Elirina S. and others,see Horan. 
rTTCHIN'SON. John, Robert Mid Mary, see Reeves. 
KVDE. Alice Collins, dau. of Elizabeth A. Wtieelwright, of Portland, ch. 

• iirnaice to Wheelwright. 18G3. 
HVER, Martin, see 0"Hayer. 

I * SLEY, H^nry, of Weftbrook. ch. to TTpi'ry Jones Ilsley, 1830. 

yOAI IS. Harnihal and others, see Kimball. 
:Nr,..\LI.S, Jcfterscn. of Denraaik. ch. lo George Ingalls, 1S2»3. 
Jxr.ALLS. WilUam, of Brighton, m. to Cyprus Babylon, 1835. 
lyr.R.AHAM, .Augi'stiis C sp'e F'oiy. 

I>"ORAHAM. Jcsirh Albion, of Rojk'snd, ch. to A.lbion Tngraham, 1S67. 
IF.ICK, Lucy Ann, of Belgrade, -a. surname to Leathers. 1S61. 

J^CK, Alfred, of Thorndike. rh. •^urnan^e to Williamson, 1S36. 
'ACK, Augustus, of Belfast, ch. to Charles .Augustus Brown, 1850. 
J'^CK. John, of Thorndike, ch. sur 'lame to Williarrson, 1S40. 
JACK, Vvilliarn W.. of Brooks, ch. surname to Williamscn, 1845. 
JACKSON, Andre< see Little .ield. 
JACKSUN, Charles, see Only. 
-.ACKSON, Joseph Andrew, see Patlcn. 
J.ACK50N', Martha, see Ladd. 
JACKSON, see Monk. 

JACOBS, Andrew, of Fi.-nkfort, ch. mrnsne to Treat, 1848. 
James, Edward, of Steuben, ch. sur.iamc to Hutchings, 1840. 
JAMESON, Winborn Adttms Wig ^ins, of Saco, ch. to Charles Jameson, 

Jasper, John and family, see Jumprr. 

JAYNE, John Altamont, of Uampltn, ch. to John Clark Jayne, 

JLLLltiUN, Sh'.m.uel. of Trenton, ch. to Edwin S. Jellison, 1837. 
jKLLISON. iimothy, sce Quim .jy. 
JENKINS, James, see Bailey. 

JJ-"^-'El.L, Emily, of Poland, ch. surnrmP "to Waterhonse. 1SC3. 
JEV.'ETT, Albtit of Aina, ch. to Ai^eit G. Jewett. 18:8. 

.-,.!'rr.<l 1r- 


it:' -■'.. 

CHAIS'-JES in NAMES. . 33 

JFWETT, Mose? and farnily. see Mahoney. 

JKV.'ETT. Ri:tla Parker, see Truett. 

JOACHINS. Fiances. Harriet F., Ma-y W.. Daniel Bartlett, Francis 
AlonzvO. Sarah y^ellssa and Lewis Koadal!, all of Warren, ch. surname to At- 
kins, 1851. 

JOAKINS, William J., of East Thomaston, ch. surname to Atkins, 

JOKXSON. a child of Hattie, allowed to take the name of Stephen Browa 
Adams, 1S"S0. 

JOHNSON, Daniel T., see Trickey. 

JOHNSON. Joseph, ' of Portland, b-ookseller, ch. to Samuel Johnson, 

JOHNSON, Mariab, see Butler. 

JOHNSON, Waiter, oi Ncrih Yarmouth, ch. to V/alter Raleigh Johnson, 

JOHN^SON, Wiluam, of Gorham, ch. to William Lamb Johnson. 1854. 

JOHNSON. Wii.iaui B., and family, see Msauer. 

JOHNSTON, . Joseph, of Saco. ch. ro Joseph Ha.ey Johnston, 1832. 

JONli.3, Andrew Farrar, of Portland, ch. to Andrew Farrar, lb4». 

JONES, Chanes H., ses Basiord. 

uONluS, Elir.abLth Frances, of ^\linot, ch. surname to Bridgham, 1839. 

JONLS, Gtoige Fianknn, of Bremen, (.h. suinivme to Morton, 1834. 

.]ONES, James, ch. to James Hup .ins Jones. 1852. 

Jones, Jonathan, of ^oulcon. ch. to Andrew Paul Jcnes, 1830. 

JO!'>ii£S, Ma. garc'L G., ana N«.iLie K., oi Jellersou, ch. surname to Weeks, 

JONES, Samuel, of Bangor, eh. to Samuel Perry jonos, 1862. 

JONES, S;.nu.(ji, of B:o:kri, ch. to cj. ii^uel Hopkius Jones, l652. 

Jv^NES, Thomas, of China, ch. to Auguitine Thomas Jcnes. 1829. 

JOHDaN. Eugene, of BrocKiiu, ch. to Eugene Jordan Day li;67. 

JOiIDaN, James H., of Hcirmou, duopttJ by Stephen Dav.-son, and ch. 
surname to Lawson, 18o4. 

JORDAN, Joseph, Jr., of Ellsworth, ch. to Joseph Henry Jordan, 1837. 

JORDAN, MclviilL; F., o: Cape Eliza jc.h, ch. surname to Sav.-yer, ibGS. 

JORDAN, Samu;l, tee Carpenter. 

JORDAN, Sarah Elizabeth Wasgatt, o! Eden, ch. to Sarah Elizabeth Was- 
gatt, 1801. 

JUi.tDAN, i Winter Sumner of Old town, ch. to Charles Fi-edeiick Jor- 
dan, 18t!0. 

JOS.S, Martin Van Bur ,n cf Bangor, ch. to Lewis Cass J:;ss. 1S49. 


JOY. Henry, of Portland, cb. to ITt'nry Williains. 1835. 

JOYCE, R'jfus. of New Portland, minor son of Mary D., ch. to Williaifl 

Keu€l Morse. 1S56. 
JUDGE, Charle; Hiram, of Portland, ch. surname to Beenian. 1842. 
JUEKINS. S.-rah H. D., of Brooks, ch. to Sarah Hoyt Danforth, 1S60. 
JUMPER, John of Minot, wife and children, ch. surname to Jasper, 1837. 

tA ALER, Charles. 5th. of Waldoborough. ch. to Charles Weaver Kaler, 

P- 1SC5. 

KALER. "T^-vprd.- 2d, ch. to Edwa'-d Reed Kaler. 1852. 

KANNEDY. George C. of Readfleid. ch. to John Kennedy, 1829. 

KEASER. Andrew J., of Stetson, ch. to George Forrest, 1S61. 

KEEP, Deborah L., ch. surname to Newman. 1869. 

KEENE. Hollis A Jand Luella A., of East. Livermore, ch. surname to Mor- 

ison. ISTO. 
KEISOR, Priscilla A., of Levant, ch. surname to Haines. 1S72. 
KEITH, Helen M.. cf China, ch. surname to Meigs. I8b0. 
Kii^NDALL, Levi, of Lyman, ch. to Ralph Kendall. 1821. 
KEXDRICK, Accie E, see Gray. 

KENNEDY, Imogene Mary, o! Portland, ch. surname to Da Errenee, 1849. 
KENNEDY, Ruth Ann. and others, see Swanback. 
KENT, Joserh D.. of Orington. ch to Joseph S. Kent. 1845. 
KERR. Martha P.. of Richmond, en. surname to Street. 1338. 
Ki-^RR. Richard H.. of Richciond. { h. to Robert Bruce Street. 1S58. 
KIDDER, Ann Sargent, adopted dau. of Sylvanus G. Sargent, of Frankfort, 

th. to Mary .c^nna Sargent. 1S53. 
KiLLPATRiCK. Daniel Hobbs and William Chase, of Falmouth, ch. sur- 
name to Fr.trick, 1849. 
KiLLPATRiCK. Mary Catherine, of Falmouth, en. surname to Patrick, 

KIMBALL, Hannibal Ingalls, of Mercer, cb. to Hannibal Kimball Ingalls, 

KIMBALL, Jr.'ia Emm-^rsrca. added Ingalls. for surname. 1842. 

KIMBaLL. Waterman and tamily.see B'oynton.' 

King. Lyman Leighton, s-e Mur -hy. 

KINGSBURY. Domlnicus G.. of Hollis, ch. to Leonard Kingsbury, 

KINGSBURY. Wi^ljan? Gl'es, soe ^^ragg. 

KIRK, Charles, see Patrick- 

4 .•.* 

iii^ .'•'i*-" 


KiRK, George and others, see Klrkpatrlck. 

KIRKPATRIC.K George, of Warren, wife and four minor children, ch. sur- 
name to Kirk. 1,^54. 

KIRKPATRICK. Joseph S.. ch. Furname to Kirk. 1852. 

KIRKPA'T-T^TPK. Lewis 3., Mary A., Edwin D.. Samuel B.. Parker C, Fran- 
ces A., Martha B., Caroline D. and Charles E., all of Warren, ch. sur- 
name to Kii k, 1847. 

KIRKPATRICK, Thoiras, of Cam ien. ch. surname to Kirk, 1845. 

KITTREDGE, Joseph W., and family, see Sm*^h. 

ICITTRIDGE, Mary Elizabeth Fricliett, ch. to Mary Elizabeth Hassalton, 

KNIGHT, Charles, of Westbrook, ch. to Charles Carroll Knight, 1853. 

KXiGHT, Frederick William,' ch. lo William Fogg, 18S3. 

KMGHT, Joseph, 2d. of Garland, ch. to Joseph Thomas Knight. 1849. 

KNiGHT, Nellie Ailreda, of Freepoit, ch. surname to Lunt, lbT2. 

KNIGHT, Peter, see CricketU 

KNIGHT, Peter Osgood, of Falmouth, ch. to Osgood Knight. 1844. 

KMGHT. . Storer S., see Graffam. 

KNIGHT, Willard. see Potter. 

KN0WLE3, Chauncey ,see Huff. 

KNOWLES, Deidamia H. and dau., Diantha E., of Garland, ch. surname 
to Parkman, 1850. 

K. OWLES, Emma J., of Belfast, ch. to Emma Julia Clark, 1872. 

KNOWLES, Martha Barton, btse Huff. 

KNOWLES. Mary Ann, see Veazle 

KNOWLTON, Frank C. .of Somer.ville, ch. tO Elder Charles Bowler, 

KNOWLTON, Mary E. ,of Minot, ch. surnatr.e to Davis. 1854. 

KNOX, Henry Jackson, of Thoinus :on. ch. to Henry Knox, 1823. 

KURCK, Adam Julian, of Bangor, ch. to Fiancis Williamson, 1839. 

I A BRETTERN, Mary C, see Underwood. 

LADD, Eldora, see Webster. 
LaDD. Martha Jackson, of Hampden, th. to Martha Jackson, ISol. 
LAFLIN, Abby H., of Calais, and her minor children, Ellen, Warren and 

Louisa Foster, ch. surname to Cutter, 1856. 
LAMB, Abner Sawyer, of Belfast, ch. to George Atkins Columbus, wife an;l 

cb.lldren ch. surname to Columbus. If32. 
LAilB, Jabtz, of Banyui, ch. to ileu.j J. Lamb. 1827. 

CZ.1N3ZS in NAMES. 36 

LAMBARD, yary Allin, ci Augv.^ta, granddaughter of ^^llen Lambard, ch, 

lo£ Jchnscn Linibaia, jjGO. 
LANCASTcHu Jcieph H.. see H'-rsora. 
LAAlKR, G^oige Aldt^n, oi Fail r.eld, adopted son of Percival L. "Wheeler, 

Lii. :o Gtcvire Lalcr^ii Wiitoitr, istjtJ uuu ii>t>l. 
LANE. Ei.;^'. ae, see Kara. 

LANE, Kaiii'.ah Fiances, ch. to Annie Frankie Hodgdon, lSfi6. 
LANE, H£i;r,ah Mc-rrill of Mil'ouyn, rh. to Hannah Merrill. 1S32. 
LANE, L;v:ng. 2d. ol" BrownMeld. en. to William Hrnry Lane. 1S2S. 
I ANFi, Livji.g. of Buxton, ch. to Beiijamiu Dunnell Lane, 1835. 
LANGLEY, "Jchn, sec Leathers. 
LANGLEY, Myita Adelaide, see Rol ,lns. 
LANNAS, Leslie, see Castner. 
LAROCHE, Janii s H., see Roach. 
LaRKAEEE: Daniel .see Shcan. 
LARRAEEE. Keziah Meseive, see Vcsnnis. 

LARABEE, William, of Strong, cli. to William Clark Larrabee, 1S26. 
LARRABLE, Solomen. ot Unity, ct). to Jchn L. Hunter. 1850. 
LATIFF. George F.. of Sidney, ch. ^m name to WiLon, 18^8. 
I AW. William R., o' Calais, ch. to William R. Law Snow, 1845. 
LAW, Fianl.iin, adc pted si-U 01 Jacub Cuthnian, of Waldoborough, ch. to; Gi!l:;eit Ci:shman, 1S5S. 
LAWRENCE. Job VI P.. see Diilin. 
LAURY, :.ielvin. s-:e Marshall. 

LEACH. Alma, of Brooksville, eh. surname to Grindle, 1873. 
1 EACH, James, 3ri, of Raymond, ch. to James M L^'arh, 1835. 
LEACH. Jc3eph and Lavina. of Raymond, childicn of Henry, ch. to Jo.sepa 

\\'.. an i Lavina G., 1S47. 
.1 FATHERS, John, of Yoik, ch. to Jf>hn Langley, 1S22. 
I EATHEl.S, Lucy Ann, .see I rick. 
LEAVITT. Ja:re.s W., of Bnins-^viclr, adcpted by George W. and wife, Sa- 

'.ah S. Gicv.'s, ch. to George Walihon (Jiu-vo, 1.SG5. 
U..ZAVITT. Maltha, of Oldtown, cb. .-uni.^.me to Bcarc?, 1853. 
'LEA\'i7T, Roxanna. Df Roitiau.l. ch. tuiuauie lu Stoduard, 1846. 
LEDYARD, Ja:--.e;, see Crommett. 
LLE. ria:r;e: :.-2.. i^e Weston. 
LEE, Jubn and family, see Rich ;rds. 

LEE, saajULii Cuiois. of Winch; op, ch. to Samuel Cordis. 1S29. 
Lt-EMAN, . :ia;y Ellen. see Roo.ns. 
LEIGH, £li..uutta, d Aikiuav^a, ch. cUiDame to Lowell, 1S33. 

f,>J ,lf> 



LEIGHTON, John, see Doore. 

LLIGHTON. Marcia Emily, child of Dora C, ch. to Marcia Ethlyn Robin- 
sen and adopted, by Samuel S. and Mary Ann Robinson of ReadfielJ, 

LELAND, George, see Ott. 
LENFEST, Elizabeth A., see Brawn. 
J^ONARD, Hartley D., see Hitchcock. 
LER-VOIs, John Willson. see Will son. 
LESLIE, Hanson Libby, see Libby. 
LESLIE, Mary Elizabeih, see Fatten. 
LIBBY, Eugene W., of Winn, cb. surname to Gordon, and adopted by 

William' H. Gordon, 1S70. 
LIEBY, Everett O., see Starkey. 

LIEEY, Hanson, of Wales, ch. to Hanson Libby Leslie, 1848. 
LiBLY, Joel Onington, of Websur, ch. surname to Williams, 18C7. 
LiBBY, "^ohn Ciosby, see Maxy. 
LiEEY, John S., see Fariar. 

■LIBBY, John Samuel, of Harmony, ch. to John Rhoads Farrar, 1865. 
iLlBBY; WilliaiE H., ot Garland, v,n. ournamc to Pillsbuiy, 1SS7. 
LILLY, Lucinda, see Buck. 
LINCKFIELD, Augusta A., Maria, Louisa and Frances A., all of Skow- 

b«rgan, ch. surname to Stinchhtli, lfeG2. 
LINCOLN, Edward, see Googins. 

LINCOLN. Joshua T., of Cornish, en. to Thompson Lincoin, 1S49. 
LINN, Orrin S., see Ber. 
LINSCOTT, Charles H., see Hall. 

LISHERNESS, John R., of Vassall:^roneh ch. to Ranlet Ness, 1820. 
LIl'HGOW, Alfred John Sylvester John Gardiner, of Dresden, ch. to Al- 

fied Gardiner Lithgow, 1S27. 
LITTLE, Hellen Jane, of Newburg, minor dau. of Orrin C, ch. surname to 

Gilmoro, 1S30. 
•LITTLEFIELD, Bertha, of Belgrade, ch. to Clarrcnda Frances LIttlefleld, 

LITTLEFIELD, Dealing, of Well?, ch. to Horace Littlefield, 1S37. 
LITTLEFIELD, Eliza S., see Snell, 

LITTLEFIELD. George, see Rams lelL 
LITTLEFIELD, Hiram Fames, see Fames. 
LITTLEFIELD. John, son of Jeremiah, late of Hallowell, ch. to John 

Littlefield Hcdsdon. 1S21. 
LITTLEFIELD, Jonathan Farnham, of Belgrade, ch. to Andrtw Jackson. 



LITTLEFIELD, Joseph, 5th, of Wells, ch. to Joseph Mason L!ttlefield, 

LITTLEFIELD, San:ii el. 3d, of Frankfort, ch. to Edwin F. LittlefieiJ, 

LITTLEFIELD, Wilmot Judson, see Quincy. 

1^'TTLEJOHN, George Nainaaic.i, see Dciighty. 

LIVINGSTON, Vinctct Campbell, see Campbell. 

I4OCKE, Catharine F.. of Farmington, ch. surname to Richards, 1S7L 

LOCKE, Francia V., anii Wiiuain, see Ka,nslaw. 

LUCKE. George M., of Sweden, uh. surname to Bennett, 1855. 

LOCKE, Mai-y Caroline, see Bry .at. 

LCGiSN, Fatriclc, of Lubsc, ch. to Samuel P. Logan, 1846. 

LONG, S. Lizsre. of Gardiner, ch. surname to Rafter, 187 2. 

I.ONGLEY. ,Eldad, of Sidney, ch. to Edward Longley, 1848. 

1 GI:D. Darling, of Cornish, ch. to Henry Lord, 1831. 

1 01 D, Hiiam, of Gardiner, en. to Hiram Archabald Lord, ISoT. 

LOFING, Jerome C, of Baih, ch. to Alexander Hamilton Loring. 1SS2. 

I.OriNG, Maiia M., to Colly. 

LCriNG. Rebecca Nash, ch. to Rebecca Loring Warren, 1851. 

LOT'D, Benjamin, of Pl.-mouth, ch. to Benjamin Franklin, 1S47. ■ 

LOL'D, Mary E., see P\irgerson. 

lOVEJOY. V/ilbur Fremont, seo Clapp. 

LOVv', Thomas, Jr., cf Kennebunk, .-h. to Thomas Clark Low, ISGO. 

lOV.'ELL, And: ew Jac;-:son, of Chescerville, ch. to Andrew Judsoa Lowell, 

LOWELL, Elizabeth, see Leigh. 
L0V7ELL, Elizabeth H.. ?e3 McK:'mGy. 
LOY.'ELL, Levi, of Ca.ais, ch. to Levi Lir.Loln Lowell, 1831. 
LOWELL, Sarah Tapiey, see Parks. 

I OWELL, Thomas, and others, see Trickey. 
I UCE. Sarah Jan;, see Dillinghant. 
LUFKIN, Matilda Abba, see Thomas. 

tl-UFKIN, Saiah F., ch. to Sarah Frances Nickerson, 1869. 
LUNT, Nellie Alfreda, sse Kniglit. 
LYFORD, Emma G., see Gilpat.ic. 

M .\CE, Eliza Ann, of Hallcwell. rh. FnT-naire to Wyman. 1847. 
' ' .MAGINNIS, Jchn, cf PortLmd, ch. to John S. Maginnis, 18:23. 
MADDOCKS, Daviu -MewiiL. oi ^un-.^.^u, cq. lu »^..\ia .Ucniit, 1840. 

.i:2r .t-A 


:^IACO:\rEER, Ann Dili, of Abbott, adopted child of George L. Howard, 
( h. iuiname to Howard. isoS. 

MADDOCKS, Nathan, of Eiisworth, wife and two minor children, ch. sur- 
u.. 16 to Emery, 1841. 

MAHER, Patrick, see .Meagher. 

MAKONEY, Moses Caiiion. of Portland, wife Susan, children. Sarah 
iilizcibfctb, Charifes Edward and George Henry, ch. surname to Jewctt, 1^44. 

MAXSON, Benjamin F., of Kiltery, ch. surname to jb'einald, 1S45. 

^.ANTER, Ellen C, of Brooks, ch. sumame to Roberts. 1868. 

>iANUEL, Harriet Emma, see Roc kwood. 

:.,ARDEN, Suraner Melville, Jr., of Palermo, adopted by Sumner Handy 
and ch. surname to Handy, 1S73. 

MAKLN'E, Richard, of Danville, ch. surname to Tarbox. IS'22. 

MARKS, Galen, of Bluehill, wife Hannah, children, Joseph Warren, Su- 
san Joanna, Albion Foster. Francis Marion, and Abigail Lurena, ch. sur- 
name to Preble, 1S41. 

MARSH, Charles Sumner, see Dingley. 

?rARSHALL, Charles Smith and others, see Smith. 

MARSHALL, Draper, of Friendship, ch. to Melvin Lawry, 1S87. 

MARSHALL, Emiiy B., of D;es len, ch. surnaQ:e to Goud, 1857. 

MARSHALL, Enoch Smith and others, see Smith. 

MARSTON, Alma Ann, see Cleve.and. 

MARSTON, Charles E., see Welcn. 

MARSTON, Cyrus H., see Boobier. 

>-^\RSTON, Octavia Fro;t. see Ale.x .ndtr. 

:-.!ARTIN, Charles H., ch. surname to Davis. 18R9. 

MARTIN, Patrick, of Jeffpreson, ch.ito V>'illiam Ma; tin, 1865. 

>'AKT[N, Peter and his children, see Mink. 

.MARTIN, Thomas Badge, of New Gloucester, ch. to Addison Martin, 

^'ASERVE, V.'illiam Henry, of Wins low, ch. surname to Y/atson. 1856. 

^'A£ON, Clara H., see Timm. 

.^^\SON, Pastora Elizabeth, see Dolph. 

M.^SON, S.elina V., and Alice May, ch. surname to Allen. 1S71. 

MATHEV/S, James tYanklin, of Eocthbay, ch. to Jdoies Elbridge 
-Mathews, 1864. 

^'ATHEWS, Joseph, 2d. of Pro£p:ct, ch. to Joseph Parker Mathews. 1835. 

Maverick. Charles, see Crowes. 

^'AXEY, Sarah Maria, of Camden, ch. Furname to Taylor, 1849. 

MaXFIELD, Andrew Jackson, oce Bachelder. 


MAXFIELD, Sarah Kinsman, <?ee Vidito. 

JIAXWELL, Eli, of Wells, ch. to George Eli Maxwell, 1838. 

MAXY, John Crosby Friend, of Caimel, a minor, ch. to John Crooby 

Libby, 1835. 
MAY, Ida ,of Norridgewock, ch. to Ida May Morton, 1871. 
MAYNARD, John Colby, see Stretch. 

McALVY, Patrick B., of Naples, ch. to George B. Calvay, 1849. 
McCARTEE, Ralph, of Porter, ch. to Stilman McCartee, 1834. 
J' cCARTY, Frederick T., of Dixmcut, ch. surname to Tasker, 1873. 
McCLINTOCK, Arexene L. A., see Emery. 
McCLINTOCK, Nancy J., see Huey. 
McCOBB, Martha Ann, sea Sproul. 
McCONKEY, Thomas Sylvanus,. of Portland, ch. surname to Clifford, 

McCORISON, John A., of Hampden, ch. surname to Washburn. 1889. 
McDANIEL, Og, of Cornville, ch. to George McDaniel, 1827. 
McDANIEL, Patrick, of Portland, ch. to Edward McDaniel. 1838, 
McDOUGALD, Edward and John B., ch. surname to Weston, 1S52. 
McDOUGALD, Ida and Mary J., of Lewiston, ch. surname to Weston, 

McDUFFIE, Dulcine M., of Monmouth, ch. surname to Sinclair. 1865. 
McFADDEN, Vv^illiam. of Frankfort, ch. surname to Boyd, 1838. 
McFARLAND, John, of Swanville, ch. to John M. Nickerson, 1859. 
McGARRETT, Isaac and Mary, of Waldoborough,ch. surname to French, 

McGARRET, Sarah, of Eangor, ch. surname to French, 1840. 
McKENNY, Elizabeth H.. of Carroll, ch. surname to Lowell, 1858. 
McKENNEY, Patten, of Phipsburg. ch. to Charles Smith, wife Jane aTid 

children, George V."illiam and Gorhixm Lovell, ch. surname to Smith, 1850. 
McKENNEY, William Henry, of Portland, ch. to Thomas McLellan, 

1835. - ^ 

McKENZIE, Ruby, see Henderson. 

McKEY, Patrick, of China, ch. to Charles Thompson, 1836. 
McKINNEY, Mari'.la, adopted by Horace and Eliza A. Prescott, ch. to 

Marilla M. Prescott, 1869. 
McKusick, Frances A., s^e Staples. 
McLaughlin, Edward, of Islss borough. ch. to Edward Parker, 

Mclaughlin, Ira T., of Hallowell, ch. to Ira M. True, 1862. 
McLaughlin, Jacki^/n, of Buok:-joit, ch. to Andiew Harriinan, 1S42. 

.a 'r.'/.. 

< . . (/ 

.d-^n-: ; :. 

>; r. rt -_ ^ 

iiRii, I cx 

0>-'( fli'i^ii^i 

•.dT ^m;- 



Mclaughlin, John, of Augusta, ch. to John McLellan. 1S49. 

McLaughlin, Thankful, of China, ch. to Julia Ann McLaughlin, 1834. 

Mclaughlin, Xoa, of Augu-r^a, _h. to Ellen McLaughlin, 1839. 

McLELLAN, Birna D., see Clax"k. 

McLELLAN, John, see McLaugh'in. 

McLELLAN, Thomas, see McKen ney. 

McLOGAN, John, of Carmel, ch. sur lanie to Graham, 1S49. 

McLCON, Franklin, of New Portland, ch. to Benjamin Franklin Gilbert, 

McFKETE-RS, Elmiia, M., George L., Willis G., Edward M., and Eunice A., 
all of Surry, ch. surname to Rich, ISTO. 

NoPHFTERS, Prentiss Rich, of Sur.y, ch. to Prestiss Rich, 1870. 

MEADER, Jesse A., of Gardiner, ch. to V.'illiam B. Johnson. wife Cathar- 
ine ?nd son, Andrew Jackson, cb. surname to Jchmjon, 1870. 

MEAGHER, Patrick. of Gardiner, ch. surname to Maher, 1835. 

MEGQUIER, John, of Poitland. ch. to John Louville Mesauier, 1"S21. 

MEKAN, Jane, ch. to Abby Robinson Wyman and adopted by William and 
Julia A. Wyman, 18G3. 

JIEIGS. Helen M., see Keith. 

IViELCHER, Wii'iam H. 'A., of Bath. ch. to William H. Melcher. 1864. 

MERRIAM, Jesse Gleason. of Edst[}ort. ch. to Jesse Gleason. 1840. 

MERRICK, John and others, see My rick. 

JIERRiLL, Belinda M.. see Freese. 

MERRILL, Elizabeth Jane, see Craig. 

MERRILL, Hannah, see Lane. 

MERRILL, Helen M., of Calais, ch. surname to Blyther. 1S75. 

MERRILL, Joseph G., of Kennebuuk, ch. to John J. Meiri!!, 1863. 

IVIERRILL, Jcsian, Jr., jf Freeport, ch. to Josiah W. Merrill. 1S65. 

MERRILL, Levi, 3d, of Greene, ch. to Levi Waldo Merrill. 1S21. 

MERRILL, Reuben and ethers, see Savage. 

MERRILL, Thomas, of Sedgewick, ch. to Thomas Ward Merrill, 1825, 

^TERRILL, Wiggin, see Craven. 

'IS'FRRITT, David, see Maddocks. 

MERRY. Mary E., of Madison, ch. surname to Dennis, 1SG5. 

MERRY. Mary E., of Enibdvn, ch. surname to Dennis. lS67. 

METCALF, David, of Prospect, ch. to David Swett, Jr., 1835. 

METCALF, Eliza, see Hicks. 

MICHAELS, George, of Lath, ch. surname to Mitchell. 1830. 

MILLER. Chi^'es D., see Donahue. 

MILLER, Jeremiah, Jr., of Keunc bunkport, ch. to Jcr-miah G. Miller, 

/• j-iitl'j'd ;■■/: ,.ir, i-.k,7:L\ .{J 



MILLER, Sevilia C, see Skinner. 

MILLIKEN. Samuel, of Stville, ch. tor.Samuel Franklin MilHken. 1829. 

MILI TKEN. Simeon, Jr., of Mount Desert, ch. to Simeon Junivar MilH- 
ken, 1830. 

MILLS, Elizabeth Ann. of Dismont, ch. to Frances Helen Randall, 

Mil T-'^N, Abijah, see Crane. 

MILTON, Nathan H., and wife, see Trickey. 

MINK, Newell H., of Waldoborough, ch. surname to Cushman. 1861. 

MINK, Peter, of Burnham, and nis children, ch. surnames to Martin, 

MITCHELL, Andrew D.. see Ham. 

MITCT-TEI.L. Cyprian and others, see Twitchell. 

MITCHELL. David Greenleaf, see Vidito. 

MITCHELL, James, ch. to Frederick J. Holway. 1883. 

MITCHELL, -John Amml, see Thompson. 

MITCHELL, Mary Carroll, see Car roll. 

MITCHELL, Rives Carpenter, ch. to Rives Mitchell. 1891. 

Mlii^HELL, William Ammi, of Free port, cK. to William Harrison Mitchell, 

MITCHELL, William H and Ann, see Doughty. 

MONK, Clarissa Bart-ett, of Paris, and her child'-pn, Clarissa Columbia, 

Jairus Jackson, JeffersuU Freeborn, Hiram Hubbard, Samuel Carter, 

Charles Francis aud CUarlotte Wiiiis, ch. surname to Jackson. 1850. Cla- 
rissa Columbia to be Columbia Clarissa and Jarius Jackson to be Jairus Al- 

MONTGOMERY, Elizabeth Jane, of Hallowell, ch. to Elizabeth Montgom- 
ery, 1848. 

MOODY, John E., o! Searsmont, ch. surname to Woodcock, 1869, see Wood- 

MOOERS, Hallie. see Wills. 

MC^^RS. William, see Hunt. 

MOORE. Abel, of Bangor, ch. to George Abel Moore. 1831. 

MOORE, James, see Witherspoon. 

MOORE, John, Sd, of Ellsworth, ch. to John L. Moore. 1838. 

MOORE, Sebastian Streeter, of Hebron, ch. to Ellis Delmar Moore, 

MOORE, William, see Paine. 

MOORE. William, 2d. of Old Town. ch. to Edwin Moore, 1844. 

MORANG, Aaron and wile, Elizabeth, of Chelsea, ch. surname to Wln- 
throp, 1859. 


MOP-ANG, Charles, of Whitefield. ch. surname to Bailey. 1852. 
MORANG, CinueraUa, of Eastport, ch. to Delia Morcng, 1S5T. 
llOitANG, Frederick William, of Gardiner, ch. surname to Winthrop, 1S5S. 
M0I1ANG, Hannah R, and her children, Albert E. and Joseph A., ch. 

rii!nan:e to Hoit, 1S57. 
MOI^ANG, Joseph, of Pittston, ch. to Joseph A. Hoyt, 1857. 
MORANG, William F., wife, Carolin-i Matilda, children, Emily Ellen and 

Clara, ch. surname to Bailey, 1852. 
MGRRELL, John and Lydia, adopted children of Nathan Whitten of Etna, 

ch. surname to Whitten. 1853. 
MOflHELL, Robert William Francis, of Newfield, ch. to Isaac Morrell, 

MOl-iKiLL. Augustus Washington, tee Bump. 
KORF.ILL, Benjamin, see Colton. 
>: OP RILL, Charles Alvah, see Gibson. 
MOrvPJLL, Nancy of Augusta, ch. to Ann Wright, 1841. 
MORKILL, Pcaslce, 3d, of D.'arborn, ch. to Anson Peaslee Morrill, 

MORRIS, Adelaide C, see Fish, 
y ORRIS, Albion Mansfield and others, see Fish. 
M0R.RT3, James, see Stevens. 
■-^'ORRISON, Christiana Fuller, see Severance. 
MORRISON, Elir.a. see Gif:ord. 

]\'ORFT£ON, HclMs A., and Luella A., see Keene. 
MORRISON, Julia A., see Warner. 
MORRISON, Waiter .see Brown. 
MORSE, Alfred Jones Stone, of Brunswick, ch. to William Hunt 

Morse, Jr., 1839. 
MORSE, Angeline, ch. to Angle Nichols, 1869. 
MORSE, Sophia D., see 
MORSE, William, ch. surname to Perry. 1869. 
MORSE, William, and family, see CcfP.n. 

MORSE, William Reuel, see Joyce. . . • * 

MORTON,. Gcorj;j Franklin, see Jones. 
MORTON. Ida Mav, see May. 

MOSP.ER, Benjamin Taylor, of Fr.rmlngton, ch. to Taylor Mosher, 1S36. 
MOULSONPROWN, Carnes Cotftn, .,ee Browu. 
MOULTON, Daniel, 4th, of Sea-borough, ch. to Daniel Dunlau Moulton, 

MuCLTON, Isaac M.. of Pa-'-^-nsfic Ul, ch. to Isaac Moulton. 1SC3. 


MOTJLTON, John, of Lyman, a minor, ch. surname to Nason, 1856. 
MOWER, Flora Ellen. oi Parkman, ch. surname to Stevens. 1845. 
•MUGFORD, Charles, of Westbrook, ch. surname to Norton, 1856. 
MURCH, Bowdoin, of Winthrop, ch. to James Bowdoln Murch, 1835. 
'MUFPHY, Alvln. of Jefferson, ch. surname to Piper, 1826. 
MURPHY, Ezekiel Leighton, of Calais, ch. to Lyman Lelghton King, 

?v:URPHY, Jane, of Exeter, ch. surname to Murray, 1861. 
^lURKEY, Jane, see Murphy. 

MURRY. Abry, of Waterborough. ch. to Sabra Hobbs, 1830. 
MUSTARD, Fanny P., John L., James P. and Charles H., ch. surname to Gar- 

(^iner, 18G9. 
MYRICK, John, Barnabas Palmer, David Copp and John Palmer, all of 

Warsaw, and their children, ch. sur uame to Merrick. 1824. 

HADO, James, of Albion, ch. surname to Hodlclns.1859. 
NASH, William, 3d, of Waldoborough, ch. surname to French, 1848. 
NASON, John, see Moultou. 

NASCN, John, of Hollis. ch. to Samuel S. Nason, 1832. 
NASON, Samuel, of Hollis, ch. to Sarruel S. Nason, 1833. 
NASON, Sarah Abigail, of Acton, ch. to Sarah A. N. Bodwell. 1855. 
NEAL, Charles, of Bremen, ch. to William Thompson, 1844. 
NEAL, Martha Caroline Willis, see Willis. 
NEAL, Peleg, of Hallowell, cu. to Thomas Neal, 1849. 
NEAL, Stephen, see Shehan. 
NELSON, Eva Everett, see Cunningham. 

NELSON, James Henry, of Portland, ch. surname to Purington, 1867. 
^:ELSON, John, see Vidoto. 

NELSON. ^larcellus, of .Moscow, ch. .sin name to Rnwe. 1840. 
NEWBEGIN, Mary Elizabeth, see Whitmore. 
NEWBEGIN. Mary Jane, see Carpenter. 
NEVv'HALL, Nellie S.. see Webber. 
NEWSMAN, Deborah L.. see Keef. 

NEWMAN. Joseph H., of Weld, ch. to Holland Newman, 1870. 
NEWTON, Francis A., see Arguier. 
NICHOLS, Angie ,see Morse. 

NICHOLS, Asa?h, of Winslow. ch. to Asaph Rice Nichols, 1820. 
NICHOLS, Margaret B., see Hawkes. 

NICHOLS. Mary Elizabeth, adopted child of Alvah and Hanuah Sin- 
clair, ch. to Elisabeth Mary Sinclair, 1^52. 


NICKELS. John Budge, see Budee. 
yTPKERFON. John M.. see McFar land. "■ 

NICKERSOX. Sui.-^h Frances, see T nfkin. 
r^^ E. I.uther and others, see jHoar. 
NORRIS, Albert Homer, see Thome. 

rORTHEY. Hosea. of Whitefield. ch. to Hiram H. Northey, 1847. 
NORTON, Charles, see Mugford. 
NORTON, Harriet, see Younc:. 

NORTON. Nlrum, of Augusta, ch. to Charles Edward Norton. 1S23. 
NORWOOD. John, of Camden, ch. to John Winslow Kent Norwood, 1826. 
NOV.-rILL, Etta M.. see Fish." 
NOYES, Hannah, see Southard. 

NPYES, Henry, of Deer Isle. ch. to Henry Augustus Noyes, 1835. 
J'T^TE. Ann M., of Acton, ch. sur name to Hussey, 1S63. 
NUTE, Hannah, see Forbes. 

NT'TT. William H., of Perry, ch. surnaire to Williams, 1847. 
NUTTER, George F., see Trefeth eren. 

NYE, Nathaniel Albert, adopted son of Nathaniel Burrill of Newport, ch. 
surname to Burrill, 1857. 

Q. AK, Abbie C. see Smith. 

O'BRIEN, Dennis, of Berwick, ch. to John D. Bryant, 1S57. 
OBEAR, Samuel, 3d, of Sedgwick, ch. to Samuel Freeman Obear, 

O'BRIEN. Dennis, of Berwick, ch. to Starr D. Bryant; wife, Mary Eliza- 
beth, dau., Mary Abbie, sons, Charles Franklin, John Dennis and James 

Melvin, ch. surname to Bryant, 1859. 
O'BRIEN. John, of Bath, ch. surn^.me to Brvant. 1848. 
O'BRIEN. Patrick, of Orrington, ch. to William J. Bryfmt. 1867. 
O'BRIEN. William T., and Mathew, ot Bath, ch. surname to Bryant. 1857. 
O'HAYER, Martin, ch. surname to H>er, 1869. 

OLIVER. Charles Northam, of Bethel, ch. to Charles Lovejoy Oliver, 1840. 
OLIVER, Lafayette, see Perkins. 

ONLY, Ebenezer, of Jackson, CQ. to Charles Jackson. 1847. 
• ORDWAY, Nacml P., of Exeter, ch. su'name to GUmore, :868. 
OSGOC'I), Amos L.. see Thom;is. 

OSGOOD, John, of Blurb ill. ch. to Pyron W;ivne Osgood. 18.''.8, 
OSGOOD, Louis, of Fryeburg, ch. to Edward Lewis Osgood. 1824. 
OTT. Samuel Harrison, of Camden, ch. to George Leland. 1849. 
OWEN, Jamts A., of Brtwer, ch. euinamde to Weston, 1863. 




PACKARD, Betsey, of Harrison, ch. to Betsey Hcbbs 1859. 
PACKARD, Delauia Jaue. see Bowtelle. 

PAGE, Ellen Eaton, of Brunswick, ch. to Ellen Webster Parshley. 1848. 

PAGE, Elsie and Eva Cora, of Orono, ch. surname to Banks, 1871. 

PAGE, Ezekiel H., of Garland, ch. to Ezekiel Page, 1835. 

PAGE, George Blake, see Blake. 

PAGE, Huldah, of Vassaiborough, ch. surname to Allen, 1862. 

PAGE, Jonathan 2d, of Burlington, ch. to Henry Hamlin Page, 1846. 

PAINE, Eleanor B., of Hallowell, ch. surname to Buswell, 1858. 

PAINE, Emily V., see Rogers. 

PAINE, Joseph, Sd, of Standish, ch. to Joseph Wallace Paine, 1824. 

PAINE. Joseph, 3d, _ of Standish, ch. to Joseph Ayer Paine, 1827. 

PAINE, Jott S., of Portland, ch. to John Stone Paine, 1833. 

PAINE, Otis, of PorUand. ch. to Otis Holmes Paine, 1829. 

PAINE, Samuel S., of Anson, ch. to Willirim Moore. 1835. 

PALMER, Albert and Almond, adopted children of Amasa Shepherd, of Jef- 
ferson, ch. surnama to Shepherd, 1850. 

PALMER, George R., see Rhodes. 

PALMER, Vashti H., see Bradley. 

PALMER, William and family, see Patch. 

PAPEER, Amasa. of Buck^port, ch. to Amasa WilUngton Parker, 1839. 

PARKER, Catherine Mary, see S!'"lensparker. 

PARKER, Edward, see McLaughlin, 

PARKER, Ellen S., see Steward. 

PARKER. John Wyllie, see Wyilie. 

PARKER, Leonard, of Kittery, ch. to Leonard Gunnison Parker, 1848. 

PARKER, Lewis, see Cross. 

PARKER, Nathaniel, of Portland, ch. to Charles N. Parker, 1848. 

PARKER, Sylvia M., see Burgess. 

PARKER, William Hanson, see William. 

PARKMAN, Deidamia H., see Knowles. 

PARKS. Asa, see Coolbroth. 

PARKS, Sarah T., of Augusta, ch. to Sarah Tapley Lowell. 1868. 

PARLIN, Harrison, of Winthrop, ch. to William Harrison Parlln, 1842. 

PARROTT, Sarah Ann, see Smith. 

PARSHLEY. Ellen Webster, see Page. 

PATCH, Elvln D., Sarah F. and Harris E., of Sbapleigh, ch. surname to Rob- 
erts. 1871. 

PATCH, FrankPn. of Shapleigh, ch. surname to Penson, 1856. 

PATCH, Geoige W. uf Shapleigh, ch. to George West, 1S70. 


PATCH, Wi'Mam, of NcwSeld, wife Lucy Ann, and son Moses Alfred, ch. 

cU. uciiic t,o I'aliiicr, ic:o9. 
1 A'iia»^K., Lbaiits xviK, of Warren, ch. to Charles Kirk, 1846. 
I'AiKiL/iv, L'aui-il rdujus an J t/Lnji-o, L>.e i-l:»l;;aLncli. 
Ix-l'iJLA, L/Il-Iin, Si;e tJiiilCll. 

i z^i'xlii.N, Joseph Aadxbw, of Hampden, ch. surname to Jackson. 1857. 
1 ATTEN, Jrlary Chute, of Blauchard, ch. to Mary Elizabeth Leslie, 1SG4. 
PaITLN, fcilas, of B^uyor, cu. to Sweden S. PattTB, 1848. 
1-ATTZ>.SG>:, Fonr.i^ 0., of Gardiner, ch. suinaLie to Burrill, 1873. 
I'aTTEKSCN, Han let A., sc;e Yuuug. 

I'.ATTEFbON, James Howard, of Augusta, ch. surname to Prentice. 1860. 
PATTERSON, Ruth Ann, cf Newberg, ch. surname to Hill. 1S43. 
F--.UI.. ALi:! Palmer. oT Wilf.n. ch. to V7illiam Palmer Bowles, 1851. 
P/^YSOX. Edward, see Cofiin. 

TEASE, Lucy, of Bri'lgton, ch. to Lucy Frances Shepherd, 1844. 
PFJ^SE. Srlvina. of Bangor, ch. to Ealvina P. Hodsdon, 1S33. 
PEAVEY, V/illie Au.^tin, see Ames. 

PECKER, Mary Williams, of Cumber 'and, ch. to Mary T^''il!l'ms. 1872. 
PENLEY, Francis Grcvnor. of Paris, fh. to Frpn^i? Grcvnor, 1857. 
PryXY. Xehemioh. Jr., of Orono. ch. to X-hrmiah Tenney, 1835. 
FrXXY. Xomiah, Jr.. cf Hampden, en. to Xcmiah Tcnn;y, lSo6. 

PFJ CY, Lev,'!.?, see Piccie. 

FFFFJXP. Pelle Stauley, of East Llv •Tfi-o-e. ch. ?urn?me to Haskell, 1873. 

PEFKIXS, Charles, Jr., cf K-nn-ebunk-port, ch. to Charles C. Peikins, 1834. 

PERKINS. Paniel. 3d. of Ke'^u-bun'.c-pcrt, ch. to Dsni?l S. Perkins, 1S33. 

PSPKIXS, Fi-ance:- R;becra, adopted by Thcmas and R-rbccca Skolfie'.d, of 
F-vn-wir, add Fk':^':n'^Id Tor suiname, 'Vi:4. 

ppp7.-ryc, Grernlir.f. of Sanford. ch. to Ft-?t^1' O. P'^vkins, 1S67. 

PFFKIXS. Hiram, c- Sta; ks, ch. to L,-.favctte Olivc^r. I!i49. 

PEFKTXS. John. 4. of Kennpbunknort, -h. to .^ohn G. Pe'Vins. 1824. 

PFPKTVS. Jonntban, cf Kemebunk-port. ch. to Jott S. Perkins. 1S34. 

PERKINS, Pharinr^'cn. s'-e Stackpole. 

FFFLFY. Otis, see Pug.-ley. 

PERRY'. Purt. of Sullivan, ch. to Au "jstus Purt Perry, 1828". • 

PEFFY. "^niliPiT, s-^p Mo ?:e. 

pxTTT — PT-T.- tr,^v,r"im, cf Unitv, ch. +r Chr-rlcs Pbilbrick, 1842. 
rHlI.LIPS.;^?. of Wa-ne. ch. srrrairp to Crocker, 1^46. 
FHIPFS. Ame'.ia Haven, of Pa- Is, ch. surname to Robinson. 1857. 
PICCIE. Lewis, ch. suiname to Percy, 18G9. 
PICKET. Alonzo F., oi Kittery, ch. to .Ucnzci Forest Wilson, 1856. 

:S in NAMES. 48 

PIKE, Jttez, 2d, of Lubec, ch. to Jaboz :\Iarston Pike, 1852, 

PIKE, fchacl:ack, of Cuinuti, cti. lo Harrison Wallace Pike, 1S30. 

Pli-LSbURY. James, Jr., of Garland, ch. to James Loiing Pillsbury, 1850. 

J ILLSB-URY, William H.. see Libby. 

PIXGREE. Nacy S., see Hubbard. 

PUr-ER, AlviQ, see Murphy. 

1-vI'EH, Henry H., of Mayfield, ch. surname to Chamberlain, 1870. 

PLAl&TED, Mary Ann, see Aboott, 

PLUMMER. Abner, see Rollins. 

PLUMMER, Caroline M., see Fish. 

PLUMMER. Sarah Elizabeth, see Hall. 

POND, Asa AUlis, Jr., of Ellsworth, ch. to Henry Winthrop Pond, 1845. 

FOOL, James, of Augusta, ch. to Thomas Russell Pool, 1843. 

FOOL, Napoleon Bonaparte, of Minat, ch. to Charles Frederick Davis, 1848. 

POOLE. Mary, of Portland, ch. to iV:ary Richardson Poole, 1820. 

POOR, Louiza, of Charlestown, ch. to Hannah Sanborn, 1837. 

PC OR. Nathaniel Deering, of Eastport. ch. to Nathaniel FuUerton Deering, 

182i-. •. ,;> 

Pokier, Eliza L, see Daniels. 

PORTER, Emerson D-.inkwater, see Drinkwater. 
POKTER, Frances, of Readfield, ch. to Fannie Porter, 1854. 
PORTER, James and family, see Porterfieid. 

PORTER. Seward, of North Yarmouth, ch. to Seward Warren Porter. 1837. 
PORTERFIELD, James 2d. of Noble borough, and wife, Mary, ch. surname 

to Porter 1841. 
POTTER, Seth Patten, of Lisbon, ch. to Frederick Clifford Potter, 1887. 
POTTER, Willard, of Lee. ch. surnaire to Knight. 1866. 
POTTLE, Caleb, of Wiscasset, ch. to Charles C. Pottle, 1851. 
POV.'ELL. Lucy Ann, see Baucock. 

PRATT, John Augustus, of Harmony, ch. to John Pratt Herrick, 1863. 
PRATT. Patrick Campbell, of Bangor, ch. to Walter Campbell Pratt, 1863. 

PREBLE, Galen and family, see Maiks. 

PREBLE, Susanna, see Smith. 

I'P ENTICE, Jaxes Howard, see Pat'erson. 

PFENTICE, James Howard, of Angus 'a, ch. to James Howai;d, 1861. 

PF.ESCOTT, Marilla M.. see McKen .ey. 

PRESSY. Edwin W., see Avery. 

PRIDE. Cornelius I. S. B., of Westbrook. ch. to Cornelius B. Pride. 1864. 

PRntE, Henry T., and Betsey, of Pittiton, ch. surname to Franklin, 




priNCE. Jrsmh. 2(\. of Portland, ch. to Joseoh Brackett Prince, 1S21. 

PKOCTOR. Edward, of Raymond, ch. to Edward Ellsvvorth Proctor, 1SS7. 

rr.'CCTOP. Elisha, cf Kayih^on.1, cb. to Eli?ha Lee Proctor, 1SS7. 

PROCTCR. William, of Portland, ch. to William Henry Proctor, 1S37. 

PT:g?LEY, Otis, o^ Sh.ipkMi^h, ch. surname to Perley, 1872. 

PULTEN, Clement, of Augusta, ch. to Crem€Dt>^^igustus Pullen, 1S41. 

PUNC- Smith C, of E'lswcrth, ch. surname to Beverly, 1863. 

PTTTINGTON. .Tsmes H-nr-. se- Nrl-nr. 

PUPINGTON.' Tobias ( of Brunswick, ch. surnairre to Purrington, 1S36. 

PUPSSEIL, J?innes B., ch. surname to Russell, 1?(39. 

PT^SHAP.D, Freeman Richardson and Caniel, of Bath, ch. surnames to Shaw, 

PT'SFAPD, .Tame> Robert, cf ch. rvrnptrip to FI^pw. 18?8. 
PU?HAKD. John George, of Dresden, wife and children, ch. surname to 

Shaw, 1SS6. 

QTITMEY. Timothv .T^nison, of York, ch. to Tlm.othy Jelliscn, 1S3G. 
■ OUIMEY. Wilmct Ju.iscn, of Tamer, ch. surname to LittU;fnld, 1S32. 
QUINCY, Jacob, Jr., of Portland, ch. to William Jacob Quincy, 1.824. 

'\CKLIFF. Edward, of Portland, ch. surname to Radciiff, 1S18. 

RAFTER, S. Lizzie, see Long. 
HAMSDELL. Charles Torry Yeaton, of Temple, a minor, ch. to Charles 

Tcny Ramsdell Yoatou. lo56. 
P.Ai SDEI.L. George, of York. ch. surname to Littlefield. 1824. 
RA?/iSDELL, Lydia L., of Readti8ld, ch. Eu:name to SLhith, 1S73. 
RAMCDELL, Thomas, of Kalloweil. ch. to George Ramsdell, 1^26. 
EAiv'SON, Mercy, of Pownal, ch. surname to Ransom, ISSO 
RAND. Aaron Morrill, of Parsonsfield. eh. to George F*ank Rand, lb43. 
RAND, Louisa and Lorana, see Huu toon. 
RANDALL, Amelia, see Fogg. 
RANDALL, Cereca, see Titocmb. 
RANDALL, fiances Helen. s:e Mills. 
RANI-ET, John R., see Lisheraess. 
RANDOLPH, Daniel, see Fo*vles. 

RANSLOW, Francis Y. ami William, of Teji*^. ch. surname to Locko, 1S35. 
RAY, Isabella A., of Lewiston. ch. £u;jia;a'e to Barrett, li>70. 
RAl, Jonathan, of Gie.n, ch. to Gieca.^af Ray, 1880. 

. ?)'■"' 



BAY, R'oyal, adopted son of Elijah Dix, of Wetmore Isle, ch. to Elijah R. Dix, 

RAYMOND, Paul, of Brunswick, ch. to Henry Clay Raymond, 1S30. 
P.EAD, Mary Eleanor, of Bath, ch. to Mary Tyler, 1S26. 
READ, Prudence, see Foster. 
READ, Thomas, see Sears. 

lECORD, Israel, of Paris, ch. to Charles Hall. 1S39. 
PEED, Emily A., see Brookings. 
T;EED, George E., and Chartes F., see Burke. 
REED, Harvey, of Houlton, ch. to Al oert Harvey Reed. 1845. 
RE'ED, Jacob, Jr., of Dresden, ch. to Jacob Waters Reed. 1S45. 
PEED, William, of Hampden, ch. to William Francis Melville Reed, 1828. 
REEVES, John Robert and Mary, of Piltston, ch. surnames to Hutchinson, 

REMICK, Simon, of Fryeburg, ch. to Franklin Simon Remick, 1824. 
REYNOLDS. Zebedee Snell. of Lewis ten. ch. to Charles Reynolds, 1S26. 
P-HODES, George, adopted son of James Palmer, of Camden, ch. to 

George R. Palmer, 1857. 
PICE, Dorcas Howard, of Eastport, ch. to Isabella Howard Rice, 1842. 
PICE, Oilman, see Scott. 
RICE, Julia Creighton, see Creijhton. 
PICE, Lizzie Ripley, see Williams. 
RICH, Elmira M., see McPheters. 
RICH, Elvira K.. see Briscall. 

RICH. Llewellyn A., of Harrison, ch. to Llewellyn Ambrose Trafton, ISHS. 
RICHARDS, Abigail, Loui?a. Maria. Srrah Ann, N. C. Francis and Abigail 

C, all of Oxford, ch. surname to Lee, 1831. 
RICHARDS, Catharine F., see Locke. 
RICHARDS, Edmund, see Avorill. 
RICHARDS, Jennie Lila, see Fisher. 

RICHARDS, .John, of Hebron, ch. surname to Lee, 1829. 
RICHARDS, Joseph Warren, of Cam den, ch. to Joseph Henry Warren, 

RICHARDSON, Joshua, of Portland, ch. to Joshua WIngate Richardson, 

RICHARDSON, Lorinda, adopted dau. of George H. Hunter, of Pittsfield, ch. 

to I inda M. Hunter, 1S63. 
RICARDSON, Mabel, of Brownvllle, ch. to Ellen Maria Mabel Richardson, 

RICHARDSON, William, Jr., of Bath, ch. to William Parker Richardson, 


EICKER, Ida Ellen, aiopted by Edmund Currier, ch. surname to Currier, 

FIDLCN. Osborn, ch, sTirname to Chaplin, 1832. 
P.TLEY. George, se':^ As?:r.\va!l. 
PIPLFY, Abraham P. . ^ee Suckforth. 
RITCHIE, Lozier Valcms Torrey. of Winterport, ch. to Charles Edwin 

Ritchie. 1871. 
POACH, James H.. of Portland, ch. surname to Laroche, 184S. 
ROEEIITS", Am-arlab M.. adopied son of Almcnd Davis, of Appleton, ch. sur- 

can^e to Davis, 1S?5. 
R0BFIN51, Calvin, c: Topsham. ch. to Calvin Barker Robbins, 1S2S. 
POrriNS, John Manley. of Water ford. ch. to John Robbins, ISCS. 
For.iXS, Tvlary El'.e-. airpted dnu. of William S. Leeman, of Augusta, ch. 

?i"-naTPe to Leernaii, "I5'?3. 
R.CBERTS, Andrew, of Wsterborough, ch. to Andrew Jackson Roberts, 1830. 
ROPERTS, Ellen C. see Manter. 
TIOPERTS, Elvin D-. and others, see Patch. 
P.OBINPON. Amelia Haven, see Phipps. 
POPINSON. Elizabeth and son, see S'^ivester. 
ROPINSON, Ellen Anr-ifta, of Portinnd, ch. to Helen Augusta Robinson, 

ROBINSON, Henry, cf Brewer, ch. to Henry Kenny Robinson, 1836. 
ROPINSON, Jame?. ?e^ Hi'wkes. 
POETNSON, Marcia Eriirn. see Leigh ton. 
ROBINSON, ThanMxil. see Gates. 
POBINRON, Williar.-;. st-^e Scblecht wey. 

ROPINSON, William, of Gardiner, ch. to William Shp.w Robinson. 1S2S. 
ROBY, John Dudley, of Auriista. ch. to Jcmes Dudley Roby, 1S37. 
ROCKFOPD, John An?.-^n. see Rock -^-ccd. 

POCKWOOD. Harr-et Er.ima. of Mynr-he^ter. ch. surname to Manuel. 1?57. 
ROCKWOOD. Jchn. Jr.. of Belgrade, ch. to John Anson Rockfoid, 1835. 
r'.OCERS, Edmund Sterhens, see Sterhrns. 
R0GEP3, Emily V., of Guilford, ch. surname to Paine, 1854. 
PPrEPS. George. ?d. of Phipsburg. ch. to G?orgp L?ngdon Rogers, 1S39. 
ROGERS. Mana=sah. of Porttlani. ch. to Cbarlps M. F.oge-s. 1824. 
ROGERS. Wini^T. ?d. of Phipsburg, cb. to William R. Rogers. 1835. 
POT I. INS. Abner P., of Wiscas-sett. ch. to Abucr Plummer. 1833. 
P.OLLINS. Margirpt, r>f Alna. rh. to Louisa Nancv Rollins. 1820. 
ROLLINS. Myrta Adelaide, of Solon, ch. surname to Langley, 1866. 
ROSE, Orrln. see Bubier. 


ROSS. Peter, see Bosoro. 

ROUNDLEY, Jennie, see Caokson. 

ROUNDS, Angelia M., of Lisbon, ch. surname to Daniels, 1858. 

ROWE', Amelia B., adoyleu uau. oi. iSamuel Waters, of Patien, ch. to Mary 
Isabel Waters, lS6o. 

ROWE, Marcellus, see Nelson. 

ROYAL, Samuel W. and Martha G., of Hampden, ch. to Weller P. and Liz- 
zie G. Anderson, lsb4. 

RUNDLETT, Isabella, see Webber. 

RUNNELS, Content, of China, ch. to Clara C. Runnels. 1852. 

RUNNELS, Patience, of China, ch. to Alvina P. Runnels, 1852. 

RUSSELL, Betsey H., of Embden, ch. suiname to lurner, lb67. 

RUSSELL, James B., see FurBcU. 

Q ABIN, Almira Billings, see Cole. 

SALSBURY. Fennel, of Trenton, ch. to Newell SalsSury, 1860. 
SALSBURY, Reuben, of Eden, ch. to Reuben S. Salisbury, 1835. 
SAMPSON, Joseph, of Portland, ch. surname to Bradford, 1834. 
SANBORN, Hannah, see Poor. 

SANBORN, Lorenzo, of Standish, ch. to Lorenzo Quincy Sanborn, 1843. 
SANBORN, Moses, 3d, of Standish, ch. to Moses Lowell Sanborn, 1S27. 
SARGENT, Harrison, see Sherman. 
SARGENT, Mary Ann, see Kidder. 

SAVAGE, Elizabeth P., of Solon, ch. surname to Wilson, 1866. 
SAVAGE, Helen Maria, of Portland, ch. surname to Merrill, 1868. 
SAVAGE, Merrill, of Portland, ch. to Henry Eaten Merrill, 1868. 
SAVAGE, Reuben Merrill, of Portland, ch. to Reuben Merrill. 1868. 
SAVAGE, Sarah B., of Portland, ch. to Sarah Boswell Merrill, 1S38. 
SAW^YER, Melville P., see Jordan. 
SAWYER. Prudence Snow, see Snow. 
SAWYER, Sarah Elizabeth, see Clark. 

SAV.'YER, Thorndike, of Portland, ch. to Thorndike Homer Sawyer, 1845. 
SCAMMANS. John, Cd, of Saco, ch. to Frpf'erirk Scammans. 1S21. 
SCHLECHTWEY, William, of Kenne bunk, ch. surname to Robinson, 1856. 
SCOLLAY, Ephraim M., of Bath, ch. to Ephriilra M. B. ScoUay, 1887. 
SCOTT. Gilmnn. of Minot. ch. surname to Rice, 1S59. 
SCOTT, Robert K.. adopted son of Robert K. Thi£tleward, of Alexander, 

ch. surn^ime to Thistleward. 1860. 
SCOTT, Sergeant, see Carney. 


SCFJENI!R. Ruth, of Portland, ch. surname to Coffin, 1830. 
SEAL AND. Edward Coter, see Stiout. 

SEARS, Thcnias, Jr., of Wellington, ch. surname to Read, 1852. 

SEAVY, Asa H^ath of Portland, ch. to :\Tarcian Seavy, 1830. 

SESSIONS. Joseph, of B-.uns wick, ch. to Joseph Wasburn Sessions. 1829. 

SEVERANCE, Christiana Fuller, of B:li:ast, ch. surname to Morrison, 

SEYMOUR, William Leroy, see Shurf eff. 

SHAPZ, Louigi, ch. to LcwIs Weeks, lc83. 

SHAW, Charles, of Portland, son of Alpheus. ch. to Benjarain Shaw, 1860. 

SHAW, Charles A., ad;p:ed son of Kufus Carter, of Scaiborourgh, ch. 
surname to Carter, 1857. 

SHAW, Francis A., of New Sharon, ch. surname to Clark, 1859. 

SKAW, Freeman and others, see Pushard. 

SHAW, John, of Orono, ch. to John Hanimxatt Shaw, 1837. 

SHAW, D., of Portland, ch. to Thomas Shaw, 1837. 

SHAW, Willie Dean, see Cross. 

SHEA, James, of Wiscasset, ch. to James WilTIam Crowell, 1829. 

SHEAN, Daniel Patrick, of Corinna, ch. to Daniel Larrabee, 1831. 

SHEHAN, Stephen, of Biddeford, ch. surname to Neal, 1839. 

SHEPHERD, Albert and Almond, see 

SHEPHERD, Lucy Frances, see Pease. 

SHERMAN, Margaret Ellis, of Sidney, ch. to Eliza Abby Sherman, 1S37. 

SHERMAN, Reuben and family, see Treworgy. 

SHERMAN, Samuel, of V/ells, ch. to Harrison Sargent, 1837. 

FHOPPEE, William Harrison, see Giloran. 

SHURTLEFF, W. L. S., ch. to Wil iam Leroy Ssymour, 1SG9. 

SHUTE, Nancy EHea. of Swanville, ch. to Ella Amelia Brcv.-n. 1S70. 

SlDENSPARKER, Catherine, of Wal loborough, ch. to Catherine Mary Par- 
ker, 1834. 

SIDLINGER, Andrew, of Union, ch. surname to VMlmot. 1861. 

FIDLINGER, Ira A., of Union, ch. sur -ame of Hndson.lSTO. 

SIMPSON, Simon, of York, ch. to Joseph Simon Simpson, 1821. 

SINCLAIR, Dulcice M., see Mc Duffee. 

SINCLAIR, Elizabeth Mary. see Nichols. 

SKILLINS, Edward True, of Portland, ch. to Edward True, 1849. 

SKINNER. Sevilia C, of Warren, ch. surname to Miller, 1S53. 

SKOT FIELD. Frances Rebecca, see Pcrhins. 

SLOAN. Jerathmel Cumaiings Pratt, of Portland, ch. to James Cumxings 
Sloan, 1872. 


SMALL. Adaline Joy. of To'jsham, ch. surname to Grcenleaf, 1S68. 

S.'. ALL, Hsnnah, see G.'Wdy. 

SAIALL, Maria Louisa, of Portland, ch. to Louisa Adelaide Small, 1S63. 

SMART, George Rtuel, see Sprague. 

SMSLLAGE, James and family, see Captiuaum. 

SMITH, Abbie C., of Ex.;ter. ch. sur name to Oak, 1858. 

iiiilTil, Ann .\laria, see Hussey. 

SMITH, Artomab, of Brunswick, ch. to Artemas Curtis Smith, 1830. 

IsMlTII, Eeujamin, of Raymond, ch. to Rufus Smith, ISofJ. 
•SMITH, Charles, of Fayett^j, ch. to Chailes Smiih Marshall, 1836. 

SMITH, Chhrles, see McKenniv. 

SMITH, Charles Coatswortii Pickney, of Pa2sadumkeag, ch. to Charles 
Picknsy Srrlth, 1843. 

SMITH, Daniel Talcctt, of Pangor. ch. to Daniel Smith Tak-uU, wife, Sophia 

Karnmond, children, t'^ances Sophia, Elizabeth and Rowland Mather, ch. 
suiname to Talcctt, 1863. 

SMITH, EJwin, of Newburg. ch. to Kcnry Edwin Sr-ith. 1865. 

SMITH, Edwin Henry, of Biddeford, ch. to Henry Edwin Smith. 1872. 

SMITH, Enoch, of Favette. ch. to Enoch Smith Marshall, 1836. 

SMITH, Esther Ann, of Fayette, ch. to Esther Ann Smith Marshall, 1836. 

S.a.ith, Ezia, of Portland, ch. to Ezra Smith Bradlee, 1349. 

SMITH, Ezra St. John, of Rumford, ch. to £t. jobn Smith, 1825. 

SMITH, George of Phillips, ch. to George Ward Smith, 1834. 

bV'IlH, Hannah Elizabeth Osgjod, of Fayette, ch. to Elizabeth Smith Mar- 
shall, 1826. 

SMi'iH, John, of Freedom, ch. to John Warren Smith, 1833, 

SMITH, John, of Cooper, ch. to John Haskell Smith, 1832. 

SMITH, John of Pari3. ch. to William Peter Smith. 1856. 

SMITH, John, Oi No. 1, 4th lange, west side of Kennebec river, ch. to 
John Eoarne Smith, 1831. 

smith; John H., of Cornville. ch. to Franklin H. Smith, 1834. 

SMITH, John Tyng, of Portland, ch. to Francis Albert Smith, 1848. 

SMITH, Joseph Lyman, of Blanchaid, ch. to Charles Lyman Patten, 

SMITH, Joseph V/., wife Eliza and sons, Brackett and George, ch. sur- 
name to Kiitredge, 1844. 

SMITH, Joshua Vinct^ut, ch. to Ralph Arthur Vincent, 1869. 

SMITH, Lucetta, see Walker. 

SMITH, Lydia L., see Ramsdell. 

Sjlil'iH, Maiy Fiea<.h, oi Fayette, ch. to Mary Smith Marshall, IS36. 

dH HTl.i^. 

■,'.l .;•..:! :.. .. 

•i^a , _,.; , ■•i.<'.'0 r,;.. 

:c. .;i::jl. ,fci^.. j'." 



S:.(1TH, Moses, of Fayette, cb. to Moses Smith Marshall, 1S36. 

tVuH K, Nathan, 2d, oi Mt. Vornon, ch. to Naihau Scribner Smith, 1S36. 

S:.iTH, Nathaniel Davis, see Ein .ry. 

S-UITH;. Octavia S., and son, ste Webb. 

SMTiH, Fcisib A. media, of Norway, ch. burname to Bridsham, 1862. 

S-v.JTK, Keuten, of Fayette, ch. to Reuben Smith Marshall, 1S36. 

i:;..:IlH, Samuel, ot Fayette, ch. to Samuel Smith Marshall, 1S36. 

S:v:i'iH, Sarah Ann, of Lubec, ch. surname to Parrott, 1S46. 

S.^ll'lll! Susanna, of York, v.idcv/ of Btnjamin Smith, of Salem, ch. sur- 

uari^e to Preble, 1S20. 

S.v.riH, Thcmai:, of Yvindham, ch. to Thomas Laurens Smith, ioo8. 

SAi'lTPI, The mas of Hiram. ch. to Irish Smith, lc>2G. 

SJ-'RH, Wiiliam, of Portland, ch. to Willam Webb Smith, J.S38. 

SMITK. Wiliiam, of FayUte, ch. to William Smith Marshall, 1836. 

SMITPI, William, Jr., of Portland, ch. to William Pl.nry Smith, lt,22. 

S:<ELL, Eliza S., of Turner, ch. suriiame to Littleheld, loliS. 

SNi-LL, John A., sea Black. 

S InLLL, Rebecca, see Darvrin. 

SNOW, George Wa^hiui^ton, see Clark. 

^;N0W. Mary Fitts, of Portland, ch. to Mary Owen Elder, 1S36. 

ENOW, Prudence, of Augasta, add S.iv.^er for surname, 1832. 

f-.>'OW, WiHiain Henry Har;isou, ch. to laanisou Snow, 18-16. 

SN0V7, T\'illiam R. Law, see Law. 

SOULE, Andrew, of Freepcrt. ch. to Andrew Jackson Soule, 1S39. 

SOUTHARD. Aramentia, of Bangor, ch. to Arameutia Lawrence Dclcng. 

SOUTHARD, Hannah; cf Jefi?r?on, ch. to Hannah Noyes, 1S52. 
SOUTHELS. Sally, of Souih Bjrwiclc, - h. surname to Whitehouse, 1836. 
bOUTPIGATE, Edna J., see Wis well. 
SOWDAN, Drusilla A., of Bani^yr, and dau. Priscilla J., ch. surname to 

Flanders, 1866. 
SPAULDir^G, Rachel, of Chosterville, ch. to Laura Rachel Spaulding. 

■ 1853. 
SPEAR, William H., of W^aldobc rough, and wife, Clarissa M., ch. sur- 
names to Wilson, 1853. 
KFEARIN. Rcxanna, of Bangor, ch. to Abba Frances Epearin. 1832. 
SPRAGUE. Eli. 3d. of Fiincetou, ch. to EU Thornton Sprague, 1843. 
SPRAGUE, Joshua D.. ch. to Herbert J. Sprague, 1869. 
SPRAGUE, George Reuel, of E:na, ch. suiname to Smart, ISIG 
SPRING. Daniel Robeits, of Wini.^w. cL. lo Daniel Spiing. 1823. 

••JKr ti'D .Li.V. 

...-■; i-o^.u o' ,v. 

- 1 . i I 

oj ',>)!»; 


SPEINGER, William, 3d, of Hallo well, ch. to William Nelson Springer, 

SPROUL, Martha Ann McCobb, of Bristol, ch. to Martha Ann McCobb, 

fPROUL, William, 3d. of Biistol. ch. to William Henry Sproul, 1S24. 
SFKOUL, William, 4th, of Noblebc rough, ch. to William Miller Sproul, 

STACKPOLE, Sharingtcn, of Litcb leld, ch. surname to Perkins, 1829. 
STAHL, Mary C, adopted dau. of Isaac Welt, of Waldoborough, ch. sur- 
name to Welt, 18G0. 
STANLEY, Washington, of Winlhrop, ch. to George Washington Stanley, 

STAPLES, Abba T., of Montville, and dau. Caroline, ch. surname to True, 

STAPLES, A3ia. of Minot, ch. to Ro? well Staples, 1843. 
STAPLES, Frances A., of Limerick, ch. surname to McKusick, 1868. 
STARBIRD, Ellen Maria, of Augusta, ch. surname to Cobb, 1866. 
STARKEY, Everett O.. and Edward S., adopted children of Daniel Libby, 

of Albion, ch. surname to Libby, 1857. 
STARR, Mary, of Paris, ch. surname to Cummings, 1844. 
STARRETT, Caroline Langdon Stor er, see Oilman. 
STEARNS, Thomas, of Paris, ch. to Thomas Eaton Stearns, 1870. 
STEINORTH, Anne Elizabeth, of Portland, ch. surname to White, 1866. 
STEPHENS, Edmund, of Corinna. add Rogers for surrarae, 1838. 
STEPHENS, Joseph, of Saco. ch. to .Joseph S. Stephens, 1849. 
STERLING, Kann£h, of Union, add Gardner for surname, 1847. 
STETSON, John B., and William C, pee Voil. 
STETSON, Joseph, 2d, of Caraden, en. to Joseph C. Ststeson ,1831, and to 

Joseph Cumrrings Stetson, 1832. 
iSTETSON. John O'Brien, see Tup per. 

STEVENS, Annie L., of Monticello, ch. surname to Fulsom, 1871. 
STEVENS, Charles O. B., of Rumford, ch. to Charles O. Stevens, 1848. 
STEVENS, Edmund, of Corinna, ch. to Stephen Rogers, 1836. 
STEVENS, Edward K., of Montville, ch. to Edgar Forrest, 1S66. 
STEVENS, Elizabeth Rusiell, of Fayette, ch. to Lauia Holmes Stevens, 

STEVENS, Ephraim, Jr., of Montville, ch. to Ephraim Brown Stevens, 

STEVENS. Goorse Albert, see ViVs. 
STEVENS, Ingalls Bragg, of An dover, ch. to lugalls Bragg, 1873. 

.!»■{•. bnc, 

M y - -A 



STEVENS. James, of Thomaston, ch. surname to Morris, 1842. 
S1P:VE>.S. John Godfrey, of Frye burg, ch. to John Stevens Bradford, 

STE.VEXS, Lauricda, see Gr?er. 

STEVENS, Louisa Caroline, of Portland, ch. surname to Fernald, 1S49. 
STEVEr'iS, Melissa and Ellen, see Cross, 
STEVENS. R. Roph?nie, see Gardl ner. 

STEVENS, Varnum, of Bluehill, ch. to Edward Varnum Stevens, 1846. 
STEW AT D, Ellen S., ch. surname to Parker, 1S69. 
STEW A FT. Devereanx N., of Wesley, ch. to Fenalson, 1865. 
STIMPSON, Christina and Maud, ch. surname to Haley, 1869. 
STINCFIFIELD, Augusta, and oth ers, see Linckfiald. 
STINSON. John R., 2d, of Woo) v/ich, ch. to John Robinson Carr Stin- 

son, 1835. 
STINSON, Henry Dyre, see Trundy. ^ 

STIMSCN, Mary A.. SEe Bo wen. 
STODCARD, Rachel Carter, of Guil ford, ch. to Clara Rosabeth Stoddard, 

STODDARD, Roxanna, see Leavitt. 

STONE. Daniel, 2d. of Brunswick, ch to Daniel Perkins Stone, 1S20. 
STONE, Litby, of Cornish, ch. to John Stone, 1837. 
STONE. Nchum M., see Grover. 

STOKER. George, 3d, of Waldobor ?ugh, ch. to George A. Storer, 1855. 
STORER. Mary Jane, of Monmouth, ch. surname to Blue, 1846. 
"STF.ATTON, Delia IMay, see Aus'Jn. 
STREET. Robert Bruce and Martha F., see Kerr. 
SI RETCH. John Colby, of Calais, ch. prrnar/.e to Maynard. 1855. 
STROUT, Edward Coter. of Bradford. v^L'e and children, Charles, Edwin, 
John Seavey, Laura Albina and Mar .ha Jane, ch. surname to Sealand, 
' 1S38. 
STROUT, Fred M., child of Elizabt-th Hr.rrington, adopted by John B. and 

Charlotte C. Britt, of Waterville, ch. su:,name to Britt. 1870. 
STPOUT. Ruby, of Monson, ch. to Ruby Nelson Tyler, 1S50. 
STROUT, Sally, of Liniington. ch. to Albion Peter Sti-out, 1834. 
SUCKFORTH, Abram R.. of Washington, ch. surname to Ripley, 1871. 
SFLUVAN, James, see Buker. 

SWAN, Francis W.. of Farmingtnn, ch. to Francis Wilson Butler, 1847. 
SWANEACK, Ruth Ann, Emmie and Rosilla, all of Chelsea, ch. surname 

to Kenntdy, 1S72. 
'SWANBACK, Wilhemina Ruimah, of Cheloca, ch. to Ruiamah Kennedy, 




STTEFTrET^, TTiuiam, of Portland, ch. to "UTliam Henry Sweetser. 1840. 
SV. FTr. JoHiah. Jr., of GorhLim, ch. to Jcsiah Ilinnel Swett, 1838. 
SWETT, Mary, Orlando C, Homer G. and Ester J., all of Howland, ch. su> 

mine to Emery, 1S71. 
LV. ETT, Mary E.. see Eeal. 

f. VLVESIKR, Daniel, 2d, of Etna, ch. to Daniel Webster Sylvester, 1S46. 
SYLVESTER, Elizabeth, of Windham, and her son, Charles Henry, ch. su?- 
Et Lje lo Robinson, lSu8. 

PYLVE£TER, Gilmore S., ch. to Albert H. Sylvester, 1S52. 
SYLVE&1ER, Job, 3d, of Durham, ch. to Job Phillips Sylvester, 1S27. 
SYLVESTER, Phiiip. Jr., and Roxan.ia H., both of LincoinviUe, ch. sur* 

carce to Kail, 1846. 

T AFER. Jchn. 2fl, of Vassalborough, ch. to John Chase Taber, 1831. 

TALCOTT. Eanisl Smith aad family, see Smith. 
TALEOT, Xataaniei Emmons, of Camden, ch. to Nathaniel Tobey Talbot, 

TAEBOX, Richard, see Marine. 
TASPIER, Frederick T., ste McCarty. 

TAYLCR, Angeletta. of Augusta, ch. surname to Wixson, 1873. 
lAYLGR, Moces Marriner, of Cumberland, ch. to Gccrge Edward Taylor, 

TAYLOR, Scrah Maria, see Maxey. 

TEAL. Edward, of South Be; wick, ch. to Edv.-ard T. Goodwin, 1835. 
TEXNEY, Ncheuiiah, see Pcuuey. 

TL'AYLR, Ciaiimmond, ch. surname to CliScrd, ISGO. 
THAYER, Jfciaes H., =ee Coumbs. 
THiSTLEWARD, Robert K., see Scott. 
IHCMAS, Abis.iil Matilda, adoptsd child of Benjamin. Lufkin, of Door 

lisle, ch. to Mailida Abba Luikin, 1852. 
TFIOMAS, Amos L., of Portland, ch. surname to Osgood, 1846. 
liiOilAS, Benjamin and otntrs, see iTubier. 
THOMAS, Tvlaranda H.. ch. surname to Drown, 1852. 
'liTO}-AS, Mary Suhan, see Collin. 
THOMAS, Robert B., see Waterhouse. 

THOMAS, TLomas Wasgatt, of Eden, ch. to Bancroft Wasgatt Thomas, IS 13. 
1 HOMES. Ezra, see Brown. 
THO.Mi'SCN, Annie, sec Dyer. 

THOMPSON, Benjamin, Jr., of Tops ham, sonxf the late Alexander Thorap- 
Ecn, th. lo Aiyhc'.:; H. Taouiraou, laliO. 

T Ir.i:, 

' u' •■;ii :a ,oc m: 

» a i .■'.nci /. '.J 

CHANaiZS in NAMES. 50 

TFO"v^P?OX. VViniam. see Wal. 

THOilPSON, Wil'.iain John, of Free pert, adopted child of Amml Mitchell, 

■''■. to , Amniie Mitchell, ISf-S. 
THOP.XE. Albeit Homer, of Lewiston, ch. surname to Norris, 1880. 
^J:"i'r-N. Sarah R.. cf Paris, ch. suruame to Cummings, 1871. 
TPIOEP, Charles Pennell, of Portland, son of Stillman, ch. to Charles Lee 

Thorp. ISAl. 
TKrr.STON, Elisha T., of Snrry, ch. to Eugene T. Thurston, 1856. 
TKUKSTOX, Mshiaa. ?e9 Holt. 

TIEEETTS. r.artha Eii^ateth, of Au rusta, ch. surname to Brett. 1867. 
TIMM. C.ara H., of MouJioulh, ch. surname to 3.'ason, 1857. 
Ti::i-'IIAyi, Agnes, of Augii^a, ch. to Catherine Vvocdman Tinlihan:, 1S22. 
Ti'JCOXB, Cerena, cf Litch/ield. ch. surname to Randall, 1843. 
TCFEY. Alice Gifford. of Portland, ch. to Alice Hall Davis. 1879. 
TOCTKAKER, Jacob, of Durham, ch. surname to Fieeman, 1835. 
'TCV'LS, Cnlvin T.. and Znriel. see Coison. 
TOV'XSEND, Orlando, of Bradford, ch. to Orlando Jaquith Townscnd, 

TOV.'NSEXD. TV^:.lTer. ch. surname to Tyler, 1887. 

TRACY, A-lbtrt, see Hadlock. 

T F A CY. .7rhr . see T rickey. 

TF^-FTOX. Llewellyn Ambrose, see Eirh. 

TFASK, Su'sn, of ILiriow?!!, ch. . purnarr.e to Fulsom. 1S^6. 

TP.EA.DTYELL. "Maria Elizabeth, of Waterford. ch. to Elizabeth Plummer 

Tieaclwell, 1S3S. 
TFFAT. Ardrev/. see .Tacobs. 

TFEFETHFREX, G'org-e, of Paler "lo, ch. to George F. Nutter, 1S34. 
TREFETHFX, Mrrgarctti .Jane, of Path, ch. surname to Hak-y, 1S27. 
TPFVORGY. Alb'rt. Jr.. ch. to AI '.lert True, 1869. - 
T^EV.-OFGY. ErJ-^'in W.. of Su"rv, c h. suiname to Austin, 1S70. 
T^FV.'0"GY. Gec.rge W.. of Surry, rh. ?urrrne to True, 1873. 
TT='E\VOEGY. Jchn. of ElUworth, ch. -•uruaTne to True, 1S?9. 
TP.EVORGY. Reuben, of Ellsworth, wife. Harri'?t N., children, Alice. Ella 
Varia. Franklin, Charks L. and Emily Elida, ch. surname to Sherman, 


TFrEV/OFTTIY, Israel C., of Ellswoilh, ch. to Charles Henry True- 

Tx^rvthi-. 1S48. 
TPICKFY, Dariel, of Bnr'Tor, ch. to Dariel T. .To^^nscn, 1S28. 
TRICIIEY, Jchn, of Poland, ch. to Jchn Tracy, 1832. 

■J ,'li 



TPirT'ET. Lydia Maria, of Perry, ch. surname to Lowell, 1836. 

TFICKEY. Nathan H., of South Berwick, and wife, Sarah, ch. surname 
to Mi'ton. 1R3(>. 

TRTCKEY. Thomas, of Perry, wife and children, ch. surname to Lowell, 

TROWBPIDGE. Arthur, see Dodge. 

TPOY. Stephen and others, see Kiggins. 

TRUE, Abba T. and daughter, see Staples. 

TBUE, Albert and others, see Tre worg3% 

TRUE, Charles, see Whitten. 

TRUE, Cvrus. see Fowler. 

TRUE, Ebenezer, Jr.. of Pownal, ch. to Eben True, 1852. 

TRUE. Edward, see Skillings. 

TPUE, Ira M., see McLaughlin. 

TRUETT, Ruth, of Portland, ch. to Ruth Parker Jewett, 1838. 

TRUNDY, Henry Dyre, of Noble Ijorcugh, ch. surname to Stiason, 

TUCKER, Frederic E., of Skowhe gan,, ch. surname to Daggett, 1870. 

TUCKER. Harriet E., see Coch ran. 

TURNBULL, Ellen M., of Frankfort, ch. surname to Crowley, 1867. 

TURNER, Betsey H., see Russell. 

TURNER, Ecwen, of Wilton, ch. to Bcwen Turner Dakin, 1S30. 

TURNER, Cornetius Adie and Hul iah Jane of Readficld, ch. surname 
to Adle, 1841. 

TURNER, Franklin T., of Now Shar-n, ch. to Franklin Baker, 1853. 

TURNER, Levi F., of Lincolnsville, rh. sum?me to Dean. 1850. 

TUPPER, John O'Brien, of Jones bcro'igh, ch. surname to Stetson, 

TUPPER, Joshua, of Lisbon, and children, Lucy Caroline. Orrin Dennl- 

scn, Harrison, Lucy Ann. Grenville Tlcllice and Frances Ellen, ch. sur- 
name to D:".%-is, 1S44. said Harrison to be Hrnry Harrison Davis. 

TUPPER, Wilsrn C. of Belgrade, Lewis C. V/ilson, 1S46. 

TU.TTT.E. Daniel, of Canaan, ch. to "^'allare R. Tuttle. 1S45. 
TWITCHELL. Cyprian' of Thomas "-on. wife, Lucretia, children, Georgei 
Albion, Oakes Perry, Charlotte Aman ia, Horace Chandler and Adelbert Da- 
vis, ch. surname to Mitchell, 1843. 

TWITCHELL, Emeline, of Dixfield, ch. srrname to Dennis, 1844. 

TWITCHELL. Henry and Ruby Ann, of New Portland, ch. surname to 
Mitchell, 1S54. 

TVriTCHELL, Jeremiah Nelson, of C-ranv.-cod, ch. surname to Howe, 

.•,f •.;, '! 

.TtT/i ,Yr>^^oiD oJ , u^fl'aiwg-- .M 




TWITCHELL, Joseph, of Dixfield, ch. to Hcbert Dennis, 1844. 

TWITCHELL. Joshua, of Dixfield, ch. surname to Dennis, 1844. 

TWITCHELL, Josiah, of Plymouth, ch. surname to Forbes, 1858. 

TWITCHELL, Milton, Oliver and G-sorg-Ianna, all of Dixmout, ch. sur- 
name to Atv,-ell, 1862. 

TWITCHELL, Moses, William, Ru fus, Moses, Jr., James, John E., Mark, 

Dorcas. Sally, Susan, Betsey, Eliza. Clarissa, Lydia, Cynthia, and Rachel, 
all of New Portland, ch. surname to Mitchell, 1828. 

TWITCHELL. Orren P., of Thomas ton, ch. surname to Mitchell, 1848. 

TWITCHELL, Samuel Dexter, of Dixfield, ch. surname to Dennis. 1844. 

TWITCHELL, Sarah Frances, of Hebron, ch. surname to Benson, 1856. 

TW0^•B1.Y, Alexander, of New Portland, ch. surname to Everett, 1830. 

TWOMBLY, Lucetta Maria, see Dockham. 

TYLER, Amary Hunting, see Bar bour. 

TYLER, Joseph, see Bates. 

TYLER, Mary, see Read. 

TYLER, Ruby Nelson, see Strout. 

TYLER, Walter, see Townsend. 

y MEEEHIND, Martha ,ch. surname to Watts, 1869. 

" UNDERVv'OOD, Mary C, of Eaitport, ch. surname to La Brettern, 1853. 
TJFHAM, George Barnard, see Bar uiird. 

\/ ALENTINE, Lynde, of Bangor, ch to Samuel L. Valentine, 1821. 

\aN BUSKIRK, Mary Ann, of Portland, ch. surname to CofBn, 1834. 
VAPNEY, Warren, see Griffin. 

VARNUM, Alpha M., of Bucksport, ch. tc Viola M. Harriman. 1864. 
VEAZIE, Mary Ann, of Corina, ch. surname to Knowles, 1S54. 
VERNON, Doctor lone and family, ste Colby. 
VIDITO, David Greenleaf, of North Yarmouth, ch, surname to Mitchell, 

VIDETO, Hannah, of- New Vineyard, rnd her children. Nelson, Jane, Emily, 

Caroline, Eliza and .Andrew, ch. surnames to Bates, 1839, 
VIDETO,. Nelson, of New Sharon, ch. to John Nelson, 1840. 
VIDITS, a dau. of Hannah, of North Yarmouth, ch. to Sarah Kinsman 

Maxsf.eld 1831. 
VILFS, George Albert, of New Portland, ch. surname to Stevens, 1SG5. 
VINCENT, Ralph Arthnr. see Smith. 
VINTON, Warren, of Bath, ch. to Joseph Warren Vinton ,1526. 


yivTON "Wcirren Howard, see Bessey 

VOIL. 'jchn and Wiliiam. adopted sons of J. C. Stetson, of Camden, clx. 

to Jcbn B. Stetson and William C. Stetson, 1855. 
VO£E. Franklin, of Angus ta, ch. to Frank Vose, 1839. 
VCSmVs, Kfcziah Meserve. of Dan v-iUe. ch. surname to Larrabee, 


V/ ADLEIGH. Clara, of Augusta, ch. to Clara Augusta Brick, 1846. 
'' V,'ADLE1GH. Marretta A., ch. sur-^ame to Bootliby, 1869. 
WABSV/ORTH, Andrew, of Hiram, ch. to Llewellyn Andrew Wadsworth. 

WADSWORTH, George, of Winthrop, ch. to George Alvah Wadswortn, 


V;aGG. Jam3s, of Hallowell, wife Hannah, and children, Nancy, -o- 

•phronia. Porter. H?nnah, James, Lovisey, William and Susanna, ch. sur- 
narrie to Holland, 1S.33. 
WAGG, John, of Belfast, wife, Nancy, and children, Cordelia Sawyer, 
Hannah, Su.^n Ann, Mary Elanor, Harriet Frances, William Henry, Au- 

gurtus /.Ibert and Horace Saaver, ch. surname to Holland, 1833, 
WAI.DRON, William, see Witbaui. 

WALES, Elizabeth Fly. of Gorham, ch. to Elizabeth Fly, 1S43. 
V7ALES. Eunice, of Gorham, ch. to Eurice Fly. 1843. 
WALKER, Lucetta, of WiUon, ch. surname to Smith, 1S65. 
WALKER, Samuel, 3d, cf Frveburg, ch. to Samuel Fowle Walker, 1835. 
WALL. Patrick. 2d. of St. George, ch. to Albion Wail, 1S32. 
WALSGRGVE. Edwin M.. of Rock 'and. ch. to Edwin Greenlaw, 1852. 
WARD, Sam.uel, 3d, of China, ch. to S:^mv.el Clark Ward, 1821. 
WARL'WELL, Mcllio S., ch. to Mel ie R. Crockett, 1S69. 

Yv*ARNER, Julia A., of East Liver more, ch. surname to Morrison, 1860. 
WARREN. Edward. of Hebron, adopted by Rufus P. Fuller and ch. to 
Edward Wanen Fuller, ISTO. 

WARBEN. Joseph Henry, see Rich -rds. 

WARREN, Rebecca Lorin.?. see Lor ing. 

V:,'ARREN. William, see Frazer. 

V/ASGATT, D'ivid. of Exeter, ch. to T^avir^ Perry Wa=gatt, 1858 

WASGATT, David, 2d. of Mount Desert, ch. to David Perry Wasgatt, 

WASGATT, Sarah Elizabeth.' see Jordan. 

WASKBUixN, John A., see McCori =on. 

WASHBURN, Martha J., ch. surname to Bent, 1S69. 

*rt-»* Tf' 


WASHINGTON. George, see Hobbs. 

WATERH0U3E, Charles, of Cornish viUe, ch. to Robert B. Thomas, 

V/ATERHOIISE, Emily, see Jewell. 
WATERHOUSE, Joshua, of Portland, ch. to Joshua Milliken Waterhouse, 

"WATERHOUSE, Peter Whitney, of Gray, ch. to Peter Whitney Gary, 

WATERS, Mary Isabel, see Rowe. 
V7ATS0N, Benjamin, see Cox. 
WATSON. William Henry, see Maserve. 
V>'ATTS, George W., see Chaples. 
WATTS, Martha, see Umberhind, 

V^EARE, Theodocia W., of York, ch. to Sarah W. Weare, 1846. 
WEBB, Amelia and Addie, see Bui 'cck. 
V.'EBB. Octavia S., of Troy, ch. to Octavia Smith, her son Wilmot ch. 

to Fle'lfrick Wilmot Smith, 18G0. 
WEEPER, Elnora, ch. to Nellie S. Nev.-hall, 1371. 
WEBBER. Isabelle R., of Wiscasset. ch. to Isabelle Rundlett. 1S68. 
WT:bSTER, John, Jr., of Fryebnrg. ch. to .Tohn Sayward Webster, 1833. 
WEBSTER, Phebe. of Livermore, ch. to Eldora Ladd, 1S61. 
WEBSTER. Willis, see Getchell. 
WT:r>GE, Reuel Williams, of New Gloucester, ch. to Reuel Williams, 

Vv'EEKS. Bartlett. of Wayne, ch. to Bartlett Weeks Varnum. 1833. 
T^'FEKS, Jonathan F., of Gardiner, ch. to James Weeks. lS3r>. 
WEEKS, Joseph. Jr., of Portland, ch. to Joseph Lemuel Weeks. 184S. 
WEEKS. Lewis, see Shaiz. 

WEEKS, Margaret G. and Nettie M., see Jones. 
WELCH. Chtrles E., of Andover. ch. <^inr!r>i^e to Ma'-ston. 1870. 
WELLI>:GT0N, Catbush,- of Monti cello, ch. to James Catbush WilUinff- 

ton. 1845. 
WELLMAN. Gilbert and others, see Eldridge. 
Y.'ELLS. Harriet, of Vienna, adopted by John and Laura Mooers and ch. sur- 

n?rre to Mooers. 1864. 
WELLS, John A., see Whitn'^y. 

WELMAN. Gilbert, of ChesLerville, ch. surname to Eldrldee, 1845. 
WELT, Mary C, see Stahl. 

WELTS. James Thaxtcr.of Mercer, ch. to Frank Thaxter "Welts, 1870. 
WELOCK. Samuel, see Buck .and. 

CEJ>. r 

77 li, 


■VrFVT"WORTH, Joseph Franklin, of Union, ch. surname to Oleason, 

WENTWORTH. John, of Alna, ch. to Aurelius Langdon Wentworth, 1829. 

WENTWORTH, Susan E. and Martha J., of Palmyra, ch. surname to 
Gncdwin, ]S67. 

"^'ESCOTT, Major Morton, of Harri -on. ch. to Morton Wescott, 1857. 

VEST. Eliza E., of Belfast, ch. surname to Gibbs, 1873. 

VEST, George, see Patch. 

WESTON. Edward, John B. and others, see McDougall. 

V;'ESTON, Harriet S., of Cornville, ch. surname to Lee, 1867. 

T^'ESTON. Henry Clinton, see Davee. 

WESTON. James and Susan Ellen, see Cox.. 

V'ESTON. James A., see Owen. 

WESTON. Samuel, 2d, of Milburn. ch. to Samuel Francics Weston, 1835. 

vrEYMOUTH, John, of Alna, ch. to Aurelius Langdon Weymouth, 1829. 

WHEELER, George Laforest. see Lan ler. 

Vv'HEELER. Patrick, of Hampden, ch. to Joseph. Wheeler. 1854. 

WHEELWRIGHT, Alice Collins, see Hyde. 

WHITE, Abby M., of Wiscasset. ch. surname to Bragdon, 1871. 

WHITE, Annie Elizabeth, see Stein jrth. 

WHITE, Fred Herbert, see Goodrich. 

WHITE, Isabella, see Flanders. 

WHITE. James Washington, see Ca'on. 

WHITE. Robert and family, see White aead. 

WHITEHEAD, Jefferson, of Paris, ch. to Thomas Jefferson Whitehead, 1839. 

WHITEHEAD, Robert, of South Her v.ick, -^ife Nancy B., and dau. Eliza- 
beth Jane, ch. surname to White, 1843. 

WHITEHEAD, Sarah, of South Ber ,vick, ch. surname to White, 1843. 

WHiTEHOUSE, Sally, see Southe/s. 

WHITMAN, John Alphonso Loring, ch. to Alphonso Lorins Whitman, 1833. 

WHITMORE, Albert Wallace, of Mi aot, ch. suiname to Freeman, 1849 

WHITMORE, Mary Jane, of Booth jay, ch. to Mary Elizabeth Newbe- 
gin, 1836. 

WHITNEV, Ann, of' Sangerville, ch. to Ann Bishop, 1829. 

WHITNEY, John, of Cornville, ch. to John A. Wells. 1846. 

WHITNEY, John, Jr., of Searsmont, ch. to John F. Whitney, 1X39. 

WHiTTEN, Benjamin Owin, of Clin icngore ch. surname to Foster, 1856. 

WHITTEN, George, of Williams jurg, ch. to George Gowell Esler 

WHiTTEN, Jesse, of Montville, ch. to Charles True, 1829. 

,W8r jit^b^ 

afita .{'•"I 


.ao X. 

!!;/:r .>:-,.i.;i' 


WHTTTEN. John and Lydla. ree Mor ill. 

WHITTLE, Lydla, see Dow. 

WIGGIN, Angehne B., of Montville, ch. surname to Hutchlna, 1867. 

WIGGIN, Lydia Ann and Charles, see Gould. 

WILDER, John Newton, of Pembroke, ch. surname to Chlckering, 

WlLEi', John, of St. George, ch. to John Robinson Wiley, 1846. 

WILLEY, Jonathan, of Bingham, ch. to Daniel Gilman, and Fanny, Esther, 
Sally Spofford and Abel Ware, ch. surname to Gilman. 1828. 

WILLIAMS, Alfred Thomas, of Readueld, ch. to John Merrill Williams, 

WILLIAMS, Hanson, of Phillips, ch. to William Hanson Parker, 1848. 

Vy'ILLIAMS, Henry, see Joyce. 

WILLIAMS, Joel Orrlngton, see Libby. 

WILLIAMS, Lizzie R., of Augu:=ta, ch. to Lizzie Ripley Rice, 1867. 

WILLIAMS, Mary, see Pecker. 

WILLIAMS, Paul S., of Weils, ch. to George S. Williams, 1847. 

WILLIAMS, Keuel, see Wedge. 

WILLIAMS, Solomon, of China, ch. to Solomon Smith Williams, 1865. 

WILLIAMS. William H., see Nutt 

WILLIAMSON, Alfred and others, see Jack. 

WILLIAMSON, Francis, s<»e Kurck. 

WILLIS, Charles S., see Frye. 

WILLIS, Ida May, see Yound. 

WILLIS, Martha Caroline, of LItch field, add Neal for surname, 1839. 

WILLSON, John L.. of Union, ch. to John Willson Lermon, 1835. 

WII MOT. Andrew, see Sidlinger. 

WIl SON, Alonzo Forest, see Picket. 

WILSON. Elizabeth P., see Savage. 

WILSON, George P., see Latiff. 

WILSON, John, of Brewer, ch. to John Drlsco Wilson, 1828, 

V,^LSON, Lewis C, see Tupper. 

■^HLSON, William H., see Spear. 

WINSLOW. Ebenezer Mcintosh, of Falmouth, ch. to Eben Mcintosh Wins- 
low. 1834. 

WINSLOW. Etta S.. see Fillmore 

V'INSI OW, Temperance, s^ee Boyd. 

WINTER. William, see Corliss. 

WTNTHPOP. Aaron and Frederick William, see Morang. 

WIRT, Henry Clay, see Davis. 

,f ol .do 

;;■ lljfi "lO 


WITHEY. Alpha, see Bubler. 

WISWELL, Hannah N.. ch. to Edna J. Southgate, 1869. 

WITHA:.!. Ira. see Gott 

WITHAM, Levi, Ann Bertha, John Henry, Georee Francis and Alphonzo, 

all of Jackson, ch. surname to Howard. 1848. 
WITHAM, William, of York. ch. sur name to Waldron, 1838. 
- "U^THERSPOOX, James Moore, of Freeport, ch. to James Moore, 1834. 
WITT, Asa, of Oldtown, wife Catherine, minor cchildren Emily Cathe- 
rine, Harriet, Frances Elizabeth and Florence Helen, ch. surname to 
De '.'itt, 1852. 
Wi'iT, Sewal, see Hager. 
WIXSON, Angeletta, see Taylor. 
WREN, Mauriel, ch. to Mauriel R. Fogg, 1883. 
W^OOD, Betsey, sec Corbet. 

WOOD, Daniel D., and others, see Wormwood. 
WOOD, Ifc-aiah, of Anson, ch. to Moses Wood, 1827. 

WOOD, Isa.ah Winthrop, of Anson, ch. to Chessman Hovey Wood. 1829. 
WOOD, I?rael, of Bluehill, ch. to Israel Alonzo Wood, 1856. 
WOOD, Joseph, 3d, of Winslow, ch. to Franklin Wood, 1831. 
WOOD, Bhebe, of Bluehill, ch. to El en Maria Wood, 1835. 
WOOD, Simeon, of Bluehill, ch. to Simeon Parker Wood, 1836. 
WOOD, William, 2d, of Portland, ch. to William Hale Wood, 1828. 
I WCODARD, Simeon, of Gardiner, ch. to George Simeon Woodard, 1839, 
WOOr»BURY, Edwin Isaac, of Miaot, ch. to Willard Hammond Woodbury, 

WOODBURY, Sumner W. and others, see Dwinell. 
WOODCOCK, Abigail R.; wife of John Goodale, her children, Joseph F. and 

Mary S.. ch. surname to Goodale. 1834, 
WOODCOCK, Abraham B., of Win uhrop, ch. to Ephraim Buswell Davis, 

WOODCOCK, Arthur B., of Ripley, ch. surname to Benson, 1852. 
WOODCOCK, Eliza Jane, of Win throp, ch. to Mary Ann Burgess, 1831. 
WOODCOCK, George, Jr., of Sidney, ch. to George Woodman, 1841. 
V700DC0CK. Gu3tavus Adolphus, of Anson, wife and children, ch. surname 

to Grant. 1831. 
WOODCOCK, .John Goodale. of Ripley, ch. to John Goodale, 1833. 
WOODCOCK. Lyman E., of Winthrop. ch. to Lyman Evans Davis, 1S39. 
WOODCOCK, Manson. of Sidney, ch. surname to Woodman, 1838. 
WOODCOCK, Mary Tilton. of Winthrop, ch. surname to Davis. 1834. 
WOODCOCK. Patience T. and John E.. ch. surname to Moody, 1869. 
.WOODCOCK, Phllarmon Robinson, of Sidney, ch. to Charles Woodman, 1838. 


Izp. 'l iU^ 


WOODCOCK, William, Jr., ch. sur name to Davis, 1S32. 

WOODCOCK. John E., see Moody. 

WOODMAN, George and others, see Woodcock. 

WOODMAN, Joseph, of Saarsmont, ch. to Joseph Lambert Woodman, 1839. 

WOODWARD, Elizabeth C, see Hop kinson. 

WORCESTER, William, senior, of Co iumbia. ch. to William Bingham Wor- 

•cester, 1850. 
WORKS, Lcuisa, see Frizzle. 
WORMWOOD, John T. and Angelia N. of Bath, ch. surname to Forest, 


WORMVv^OOD. Daniel D.. of Bluehill, ch. surname to Wood, 1837. 
V/ORDWOOD. Jonathan Fly, of Surry, v/ife and seven minor cuildreu. cL. 

surnaire to Wood, 1840. 
WORMWOOD, Julia M.. of Berwick, ch. to Julia Hooper, 1849. 
"^'ORMWOOD, Mosps Parker, Benja-nin, Sally, Emery Newhall, Nahum 
Smith, William Douglass. Benjamin Isaac, and Charles Baker, all of Surry, 

ch. surname to Wood. 1820. 
V/RIGHT, Ann, see Morrill. 

WRIGHT, Sarah B. and Alice F.. see Carieton. 
WYLI.IE, Jchn, otherwise called Josusha WylUe, ch. to John Wyllie 

Parker, 1822. 
WYMAN, Abby Robinson, see Mehan. 
WYMAN, Eliza Ann, see Mace. 
WYMAN, Elizabeth Adelaide, of Wa terville, ch. to Adelaide Elizabeth 

Gage, 1862. 
WYMAN, Elizabeth Gage, of Water ville, ch. to Elizabeth Gage, 1862. 

( EATON, Charles Torry Ramsdell, see Ramsdell. 

YORK, John White Wheithley. of Pownal, ch. to John York, 1825. 
YOUND, Ida May, adopted by George H. and Elsey E. Wills, ch. surname to 

Wills, 1869. 
YOUNG, Harriett A., of Belfast, ch. surname to Patterson, 1S60. 
Y'OUNG, Harriet Norton, ch. to Harriet Norton, 1SG3. 
YOUNG, John, of Bangor, ch. to John L. Young, 1839. 

N. B. — Will readers who have no- 
ticed errors or omissions in the fore- 
going list kindly report the same to 
the librarian of the Maine Genealogi- 
cal Society, Portland, Me. 

,.'a9-io''r o.t 

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1 '77 •.riC'l .! 

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